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  1. 1SG31B

    1SG31B Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had an issue with there A500 not charging propertly? I am at the point where most of the time I plug my tab in it reports that it is charging, but the light on the power button is rapidly flashing white and it continues to discharge. Any thoughts? (before I call Acer)

  2. splatoid

    splatoid Well-Known Member

    So it wont charge at all now?
  3. 1SG31B

    1SG31B Well-Known Member

    It would not earlier today and has been off and on over the last week, but the weird thing is the tab reports that it is plugged in (charging indicator on battery icon). Also, the battery temp was 89d so, it was not to hot to charge.

    It did charge later this evening....
  4. splatoid

    splatoid Well-Known Member

    I would Def keep an eye on it and return it if it keeps it up.
  5. 1SG31B

    1SG31B Well-Known Member

    Well, my tab finally bit the dust. The charging was unreliable for two weeks and eventually stopped altogether.

    I had two chats with support, the first he wanted me to do a hardware reset. When I asked him how to do this; since my tablet would not bootup he said to look at the page he sent and that is the recommended solution. (and disconnected the chat session.)

    When I read the page, and attempted to reset the dead tablet. :confused: I re-contacted support and Arun thought it might be the charger, but quickly opened a ticket and it is now on the way to Texas to get fixed.

    Despite the first yahoo, Acer support was quick to take it in for a warranty repair.
  6. kevshrm

    kevshrm New Member

    I had a similar issue with my wife's Iconia tab. She had it plugged in, thinking that it was charging and then the battery ended up dying before she realized that it wasn't charging. I started an online chat with the Acer support and after about 45 minutes of explaining the situation and trying to do a hard reset, the tech gave me a case number and asked that I send the unit in to their Texas repair center.
    Before I sent it in and messed around with the charger and decided we could just leave it plugged in one more night. In the morning I tried to start it and it actually booted up. I had to perform another factory reset, as it was just booting and asking for a password, but not indicating which account it wanted a password for. After trying several, with no success, I did the factory reset. It came up and allowed us to log on as it did when it was new. Once I got in to the user interface I plugged it in, but the charge indicator did not show that it was charging. I again started playing with the charger and noticed that if I pinched the transformer together the charge indicator would come on. The transformer has one of those removable socket adapters and when I took that off I noticed that the contacts had began to wear down. I placed thin strips of foil (as a test) in the slots over the contacts and then slid the socket back in. Now when I plug the unit in the charge indicator shows that it is accepting a charge right away. I don't understand how this contact would wear out, considering I don't believe that the socket has been removed since we purchased the tablet, about three months ago. I will now have to contact Acer and find out about getting this adapter swapped out. But at least it is working again.

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