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Battery charging paused: Temperature too low?Support

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  1. Garrage3

    Garrage3 New Member

    Hi, I have the Galaxy S4. Recently i went to charge my phone and it gave me the message saying charging was paused because the battery temperature was too low. I have restarted my device, heated the battery and put it back into the phone all to not solving the issue. Do i need to replace the battery? or is it something with the software? Thanks for any answers.

  2. mth133996

    mth133996 Member

    I have the same problem with my note 2. I tried switching the battery and warming them up a bit but it still didn't work.. hopefully someone knows whats wrong..
  3. jangeez

    jangeez New Member

    me too. I have galaxy s4 (19500) sometimes not charging, replacement charger and USB port. Just working synce with pc.
    Any idea? 

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