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  1. umair4

    umair4 New Member

    Dear All,

    I bought my xperia arc s 6 weeks agao and recently have encoutered the problem that when my phones batrery is discharging, and when the first notification of low battery appears, the phone shuts down and the battery light starts to blink. What might be the reason? i have faced this issue thrice.
    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  2. wesdave

    wesdave Member

    I think 15% is probably normal,
  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    That doesn't sound normal to me. I can go all the way down to 3-4% on my EVO before itll shut itself off.

    That may be because of the different manufacturers though.

    Personally, I'd call Sony
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sounds like calibration. Quite common on my model (HTC Desire). Ironically with my phone shutting down followed by a charge usually improves the calibration somewhat :)

    Doesn't affect battery life, just that the meter is misleading. And at least on the Desire 15% is about where it often drifts to.
  5. nitramus

    nitramus Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem but the thing is I am pretty positive that I did not have that problem before installing CM7 on my desire gsm.
  6. akkiran

    akkiran New Member

    i have the same problem with my arc s too.
    battery notification also toggles haphazardly..from 79,78,77,76 it'll go back to 79 and come down again.
    At the end wen battery is around 10-15% it'll suddenly sho low battery and shut down.

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