Battery dies very fast

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  1. dpshptl

    dpshptl Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that my BH2 battery is diying pretty quick. I have the LCD screen brightness on max. Which should not really kill the battery too much. I dont play games on it and I dont surf the web much either. I have WIFI on all the time. Cant really explain why the phone dies by the end of the day. Also I dont make many calls or send text. I don't use the phone much at all.

  2. megabiteg

    megabiteg Well-Known Member

    Try this:

    Once I put the auto brightness, disabled GPS and disabled screen rotation I have seen that I can go from 0415h to 1830h almost everyday without a second charge and I use my phone a lot for Txt, music and web.

    Give it a try.
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  3. hall640

    hall640 Member

    I had the same problem on my Droid, but added an automatic task killer and it is helping, but I do know have the wifi on all the time is a huge battery killer and so is the screen brightness, may want to shift it to automatic if you have that option on your settings.
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  4. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    The screen is not LCD lol it's AMOLED, which when you put it at full max, it isn't as bad as putting an LCD screen a full brightness!
  5. mikenick42

    mikenick42 Well-Known Member

    Install spare parts and see if the phone is sleeping. Some apps can prevent sleep mode, and you'll only get ~12hrs with no use. If that's the case, kill whatever is causing problems and you should get much better.
  6. SoulCreator

    SoulCreator Well-Known Member

    By any chance are you on one of BH_MAN's ROM's? Because if you are you might want to re-ODIN and follow the following instructions:

    And if your on stock you could always try the battery hack that's in the tips and tricks thread...

    But to be honest when I keep the wifi on in my phone it kills the battery, so you might want to turn it on only when your browsing the web. This shouldn't be too much of a hassle since you say that you don't browse the web on your phone all too often.
  7. dpshptl

    dpshptl Well-Known Member

    Everything on the phone is stock. I would love to do all the things everyone here talks about but i dont want to do something that will jack my phone up for good. I will try all the diff advice given and report what works. Im gonna start with turning WIFI off when not in use. I think this should help a lot.
  8. nomadrider123

    nomadrider123 Well-Known Member

    Its not hard to do at all BH_MAN made if real easy
  9. SweetGreen

    SweetGreen Member

    Killed com.samsumg.twsettings with task manager.
    My battery and phone response increased a lol.
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