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  1. skriver73

    skriver73 Member


    Just this week the battery in my Legend has started to act weird: When I plug it into the charger for the night, typically at about 20% battery left, it won't charge to more than roughly 85%. The indicator (LED) stays orange/red but doesn't turn green even after 8 hours of charging. I discovered that if I switch off the phone and turn it back on the battery is now showing 100% and the LED is green.
    BUT I don't think it really is fully charged because it goes back down to approx. 80% in no time and often I have to charge it during the daytime.
    Has anyone had a similar experience?

  2. kev205

    kev205 Member

    thats exactly my problem with my legend....
    what do we do?
    any help!
  3. skriver73

    skriver73 Member

    I wrote HTC and they got me an replacement battery, but it didn't help... I don't have any solution yet :(
  4. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    this is because when you charge the battery to full, it will lose the amount of charge it can take so the amount of time at 100% is as small as possible and the phone lets the battery run down before resuming charging.
    What you can do is called bump charging whereby you unplug it for a minute, plug it back in, go for a shower/ have breakfast or something, come back and it should pretty much be at 100% although this can make the life of your battery shorter in the long-run
  5. skriver73

    skriver73 Member

    Well, I don't really buy into that explanation. It sounds unlikely that the battery shouldn't go to 100% - at least the indicator should show this even if the actual charge might be some what less to protect the battery. I believe something else is wrong...
  6. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

  7. Dog_chops

    Dog_chops Well-Known Member

    My son had the same problem. Battery started to fully charge to only 80%, then the phone began randomly shutting down. He asked me for advice.

    I decided to take the battery out.......... which proved difficult. the battery had swollen in the casing. Eventually got it out with some tweezers and the battery had swollen a fair bit.

    Got a replacement battery and its working a treat. So much so he has now racked up a
  8. skriver73

    skriver73 Member

  9. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    I understand that, I meant after rebooting when charging does work
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  10. beamers74

    beamers74 New Member

    I have had exactly this problem. Here's my experience and resolution.

    My Legend is about 6 months old and worked fine (charging fully for about the first 3 months). I'm not sure if it is linked but I bought one of those stands which charges the phone and keeps the phone upright so that you can use it as a bedside clock. Not sure if having the screen on all night did something to the phone but I think the charging problem may have started around the time that I started using this charger.

    Having eliminated any charger / cable issues by using a variety of alternatives I then bought a new battery to see if it was the original battery at fault. No change.

    I then did a factor reset. No Change.

    I then contacted Vodafone UK customer services who sent me another new battery free of charge. No Change.

    I then contacted HTC customer services via one their online chat service. The guy on the other end had never experienced this problem. He thought it might due to one of the Apps causing a problem. I did another factory reset and didn't reload any of the Apps. No Change.

    I then contacted Vodafone UK again, they confirmed that the phone was still under warranty and 24hrs later a new phone was delivered to my house and I handed the original phone to the courier to be returned to Vodafone. I was hugely impressed with this as I didn't demand a new phone, they just offered it.

    New phone works fine, charges all the way to 100% with the LED indicator going green.

    I won't be using that bedside table charger again just to be on the safe side.

    Hope the above tale helps.
  11. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    Vodafone are solid. wouldn't get that with any other network
  12. kev205

    kev205 Member

    I strongly believe its the 2.2 upgrade thats acting up.
    Bear in mind this problem started after i upgraded mine to 2.2
  13. jc3869

    jc3869 Member

    My Legend is just started to do this about 2 weeks ago and mine is 15 months old.
    I don`t think it is a battery problem as I have a spare battery & it`s doing the same thing.
    I do recall I did a recent update of ATK & drained my battery so fast I uninstalled it and also the Legend won`t take any charge from my car charger.
    I still haven`t found a solution - heeelllllpppp!
  14. jc3869

    jc3869 Member

    I have had 2.2 upgrade for months & I recently been having this battery issue :confused:
  15. jc3869

    jc3869 Member

    I spoke to a nice lady at Vodafone & they are sending me a replacement next week :D
  16. jc3869

    jc3869 Member

    A replacement arrived yesterday and it`s absolutely mega!
    Battery charged up full, used the internet a few times during my lunch break & read a few emails and still got 42% battery left!! Thankyou Vodafone :D
  17. jc3869

    jc3869 Member

    The replacement is running on 2.1, loads of internal memory & running realy fast. I`m very apprehensive in doing the 2.2 update (85 mb) just incase the battery issue returns.....
  18. hgmichna

    hgmichna Member

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