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  1. lookez

    lookez New Member


    I got my galaxy s2 6 days ago and I had to go back to my iPhone 4 coz the battery on this phone is just horrible.

    I even tried using battery save mode, samsung battery save mode, everything, but it's just not the same.

    I did a simple test:
    -Full charge both phones
    -Airplane mode on, wi-fi on with sync enabled (email etc)
    -Took them off the charger at same second
    -Left them for 1 hour

    After one hour:
    -iPhone 4: 100%
    -S2: 95%

    After ~8 hours:
    -iPhone 4: 100%
    -S2: 76%

    Is this a problem or just a bad phone/system? Should I call samsung support to get a replacement?

    I've been searching for people with the same problem but I haven't seen any reports.

    Thank you!

  2. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    What firmware are you using as the newer firmware is better battery wise

    Do you plan too Root your phone as that can help also.

    The S2 is a good phone once you get used to it
  3. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    If the Iphone's battery reads 100% after 8 hours then I don't think much of the accuracy of the iphone's battery level indicator.

    as For your gs2 I wouldn't give up on it just yet. there are things you can tweak to get the most out of your battery. My guess is you got some sort of data sync happening way too often. Check your widgets on your home screens and also see if there are adverse wakelocks happening.
    Other than that you can always get a higher capacity battery.
  4. Uridium

    Uridium Well-Known Member

    iPhone 100% after 8hrs...:rolleyes:

    Suggests it's battery calibration is way out and after a few more hours it will start dropping like a stone.

    the SGS2 battery gets better with use (as do most batteries) I'm guessing the iPhone isn't brand new?

    As mentioned by Riche101 newer firmware will hugely improve the battery life as well.
  5. lookez

    lookez New Member

    Thank you guys for the help!

    Well the iPhone battery lasts accordingly to the battery level, unfortunately the galaxy aswell xD

    I really wanna be able to use my S2, it's so cool

    I'm on firmware version PDA:KE4 / PHONE:KE2 / CSC:KE3

    Should I use ODIN or just get from KIES?
  6. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    Kies can be temperamental at times ane if you Flash via odin and rootn Kies will not like your phone

    But it will mean you get updates quicker and can remove all the crap you wont use or battery hogs like wifi sharing
  7. limaj

    limaj New Member

    I suggest you buy a second battery, that's what I have done. I had a spare for my Nokia N900 too. The spare battery fits easily into the pocket of my jeans without me noticing it.

    Problem solved.
  8. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

  9. lookez

    lookez New Member

    Thank you all for the tips...

    So I got it updated and now I have:
    OS: 2.3.4
    Baseband: KI1
    Kernel: KI2
    Build: KI2

    Do you guys think I should use odin to get a newer version?

    I'll run the tests for more hours and if battery still keeps running out like that I'll sell the phone :)
  10. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    the current version ur running, KI2, is android 2.3.4, and u should really notice a big difference compared to ur previous firmware. i dont think u need to update via Odin any more.. there's a firmware running 2.3.5 now, but i personally dont find any improvements in anything, and definitely no battery improvement, so just stick with it now.. my phone consistently lasts 24 hours or more, with average to pretty heavy usage
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  11. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  12. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I just got stitched up with 2 fake batteries, well, apparently they are genuine and I am aware that some batteries are 'finished in china' out of the box, but my 'FiChinas' are kinda duds, only get about 65% of the life of my original Korea only battery, One seems to be better than the other, they start off good, but after it hits 50% they really drop off almost like magic.
    the FiChinas weigh a bit less too, but better than nothing.

    If anyone KNOWS anyone on ebay selling genuine Korea only batteries let me know, I'll be flying over with the batteries next time if I have to return another pair.
  13. lookez

    lookez New Member

    Second test day:

    Same scenario :/

    After 1 hour:
    -iPhone: 100%
    -S2: 96%

    After 1:30 hours I decided to use the devices a lil bit, since people said the battery levels on the iPhone could be wrong.

    I used:
    -App downloading
    -Mail checking
    -Fruit ninja

    After that:
    -iPhone: 98%
    -Galaxy: 84%

    Now (~12 hours):
    iPhone (with heavy whatsapping): 77%
    Samsung Galaxy S2: 15%

    So I loved the phone but this battery situation is outrageous.

    Really? This sh!t should work properly from day 1. Users don't need to do that kind of testing and also they shouldn't be looking for better batteries on ebay.

    Really disappointing.
  14. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    did u upgrade ur firmware?
  15. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    I have been using my phone all day. Fourteen hours and 40% battery left. Running sicopat ki3 with battery savings enabled in settings, and some apps frozen.

    I used to get only 7 hours with use.

    Please read the forums and see about what firmware upgrades can do. Or pm me and I can show you exactly what I did to get this battery life.

    My S2 lasts longer than my iphone 4.
  16. naith_kk

    naith_kk Well-Known Member

    Looking at those results, the only way to tell whether the batteries of both phones are functioning at its optimum performance (a risky endeavor considering the following suggestion might wear your lithium-ion battery's lifespan - so you've been warned...) is to use both phones to the point of critical battery status. A phone whose battery is not calibrated properly or is worn out / damaged will shutdown unexpectedly within 5%-15% of remaining battery life. On personal experience with older phones and some recent models, phones with proper calibration commonly die within the battery state of 1%-3%... Consider this in your next test.

    You'll need to see what apps are installed and running in the background as "services" in the iPhone and also your samsung phone. The more background services you have running, then most likely your battery will deplete faster. These services tend to make biased and inaccurate battery benchmarks so if you got a good grasp on the phone settings, then terminate all 3rd party app services on both phones except for the phone's main services on your next test.

    Both phone's OS fancy bells and whistles like home screen animation etc. (and stuff like widgets) should be considered prior to testing. My recommendation is to turn all settings on, and widgets OFF in both phones and see how far your phones will go... if you're benchmarking of course.

    Wont say much about phone features because everyone knows stuff like GPS, WiFi etc reduces battery consumption greatly in long periods of use. The only thing technical I'd like to point out, is that for some features (such as WiFi/Data Network) the polling refresh timing and scanning power in scanning new WiFi access points or obtaining internet access directly from your network provider's data network is OS based. From personal experience, those values are normally hardcoded in phones firmware and are different with each manufacturer. There's nothing much you can do about changing that unless you're a ROM developer or a knowledgeable phone hacker/tweaker/enthusiast... all I'm saying is, that different manufacturers have different settings... and this affects your phone's battery in a way.

    But if you're still not happy... you can always return the phone back and make a complaint to have the battery replaced... or phone, I'm sure the shop you bought it from will have no qualms with you on this.
  17. Sixel

    Sixel Well-Known Member

    I updated my firmware and the battery last longer plus I downloaded Juice Defender and it is great.

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