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Battery drain from 100% < 1 hr. ?General

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  1. mdrobtx

    mdrobtx Member

    All of a sudden a couple of weeks ago my Triumph started having HUGE battery drains. I can charge it to 100% and within an hour it will be deleted. If I'm using it, it will shutdown at around 40-60%. After reboot it shows 0% battery.

    I've deleted the battery stats and went through that whole routine of charging and draining, charging and draining to no avail.

    I bought a couple of new batteries. Same thing. Within an hour...dead.

    I deleted ALL my apps. No help.

    Installed battery monitors. Nothing shows up out of the ordinary.

    I did a factory reset. No help.

    I installed CM7 reloaded. No go.

    Any suggestions???

    Thanks, Michael...........

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Unfortunately Michael, it sounds like you might just need a new device. Sounds like something in this one has gone bad, hardware wise and is causing the issue.

    Sorry about your luck, however, welcome to the forums :)
  3. mdrobtx

    mdrobtx Member

    Yep. That's what me and the guys I work with were thinking.
    I appreciate the response.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Sorry again about the situation. Hope everything gets resolved for you :)
  5. shawndak089

    shawndak089 Member

    Mine would turn off randomly and when I turn it back on it says 0%. I pull the battery and it goes back to normal %. I put small pieces of tinfoil in the battery terminals which has almost completely fixed the issue (sometimes pops up still). I have a new battery coming from VM so well se what happens. This is my 2nd triumph btw.

    Good Luck:)
  6. mdrobtx

    mdrobtx Member

    Yes, I found the terminals on the battery can be easily damaged or spread apart enough where they don't make good contact.
    I have 3 batteries and they all discharge very quickly. Even the brand new one.
    What's strange is they seem to discharge in 4% steps. Starts out at 100%, 96%, 92%, etc.....

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