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Battery drain help!Support

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  1. acext311

    acext311 New Member

    Recently my phones battery has been acting very weird. As it is plugged in, the battery slowly but surely is draining. I've also noticed that it's been going dramatically faster than usual. It would go from 100% to 90% in a matter of 5-10 minutes. I'm not sure if this may have something to do with a failed attempt to root my phone. I could say it happened around that time. It could be a damaged charging socket or a bad battery. I'm planning on getting a new battery and new Samsung charger to test it out for myself.

  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    A damaged charging socket is not likely to be the cause unless it's serious damage involving a short. This would probably kill your phone so I doubt it's that.

    Go into Settings -> Battery and see what is using all the power. I bet it's a badly behaved app that is the problem.
  3. Tsepz_GP

    Tsepz_GP Well-Known Member Contributor

    That is very odd, especially the fact that it loses charge while charging. Are you using a genuine Samsung charger? Also do as lotus49 and check battery stats.

    Turn off GPS and Location Reporting in Settings -More -Locations, if you dont need it, that can drain a ton of battery.
  4. chadha

    chadha Member

    After full charge use it for 1-2 hours then go to Battery stats as Lotus quoted above and check what's causing the most drain.
    Plus it is also important to know that the GPS and phone isn't kept looking for wifi connections.
  5. acext311

    acext311 New Member

    OK so I checked my battery to see what all the percentages were and it said Screen:36% Android System:17% and Clash of Clans:12%
    I also noticed that on full 100% percent, it says "24 minutes 31 seconds on battery" I'm actually not sure if this is the genuine charger I'm using. It's a black Samsung power brick and a black cable.
  6. jackroo

    jackroo Well-Known Member

    I know two things based on what you've said in your post.
    I'd stick to the regular charger your phone came with. You can order them cheap online. I used an off brand one with my S3 and I had charging issues.
    Also, as a fellow Clasher, that game sucks down battery like no other. Great game but it's a definite battery drainer :/
  7. acext311

    acext311 New Member

    OK thanks. I will order a new charger soon.
  8. chadha

    chadha Member

    Your battery drain looks very normal. If you're more concerned about the drain download GSam Battery Monitor app and there you will have the comprehensive view of everything.
    Once again you have to check it after a full battery charge.
  9. staceybessmer

    staceybessmer Member

    Why not replace your battery? You can get a non Samsung one on Amazon for real cheap. I had a S4 prior and I had the same issue but fixed by replacing the battery with the generic battery which worked great.

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