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  1. djbenny1

    djbenny1 Member

    Hi guys I know theres a ton of threads about this already but none specific to our phone.

    I love the phone but my only problem with it is the battery life. It has been very poor ssince day one. It hasn't been able to last a day yet without extra charging and I have been using it very lightly I.m.o.

    A typical day involves maybe 20.texts 20 mins on facebook and syncing gmail, Facebook (notifications and every 3 hours) and also fancy widget pro weather every hour. Most days I don't make any calls.

    ny idea what is causing this??
    Last night I was interested to see how much it drains when idle so i didbt charge it. When I went to bed at half 2 it had 58% battery (after being fully charged at 7pm with almost no use whatsoever).

    I have just woke up at half 10 and battery is now 15%. 43% in 8 hours and the phone wasn't touched.

    Please help, apart from the battery I absolutely love the phone.


  2. djbenny1

    djbenny1 Member

    anyone have any ideas on this??
  3. rondo777

    rondo777 Well-Known Member

    What phone do you have?
  4. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Umm...being in the Incredible S forum I would presume he has this phone. If not, he's a dummy.
    As for the OP, it's a rogue app eating battery. Check the settings for Facebook (I think that's it?) and make sure you don't have the chat feature enabled as it drains the battery heavily. Either that or another app you installed is eating the battery. The phone should only use 1-2% battery when idle overnight.
  5. djbenny1

    djbenny1 Member

    thanks for the replies

    how do you disable only the chat feature of facebook?

    i noticed there is a market app someone has made which does not have chat included perhaps its worth giving it a go.

    in the mean time ill give it a go.

    please post any other ideas you may have.

  6. djbenny1

    djbenny1 Member

    ive now fixed the battery life with juice defender beta

    more than doubled my battery life - yesterday i did 18 hours on 50% where it would have been empty on 12 hours or less before.

    can't recommend it enough.
  7. Siddd

    Siddd Active Member

    You can log off the FB chat by doing the following:
    1. Go to home screen of the Facebook app
    2. Select chat
    3. Hit the options key (touch key next to the home screen key) and then select "Go offline"

    Which application is this? Have you tested the battery life with this app running?

    I am pretty sure it wouldn't be as good in terms of layout and features as the default Facebook for android app.
  8. Bagbug

    Bagbug Well-Known Member


    do you know if Battery Juice Defender "Beta" is better than Android Booster ?

  9. djbenny1

    djbenny1 Member

    I have android booster aswell, but i only use it currently to monitor my data usage. It doesn't have a battery monitor that is anywhere near the same level as JD. I thought it was really only a task manager?

    i really cant recommend juice defender enough though - it says my battery life is now 2.07x what it was before, but personally I think it is more.

    I can now easily manage 16 hours of normal use, and still have around 30-40% left - which is more than good enough for me.

    It does still drain quite fast when you're doing certain activities but theres no way to avoid that at all, just a limitation of having a big screen.
  10. Bagbug

    Bagbug Well-Known Member

    Android Booster: Android Booster FREE is one of the most powerful apps that can improve your Android’s performance!

    You will find all the following productivity/utility solutions in this app:

    Task Killer + Battery Saver + Memory Booster + Uninstaller + File Manager + Settings + Network Manager + Process Manager

    Now I only use PhoneUsage to kill apps manually + Power Control widget to turn on/off GPS/BlueTooth/WiFi. I can easily get 3-5 more hours this way.
  11. brawbob

    brawbob Member

    Sorry to stretch this one out any further as I know the subject of battery life could generate another web site but it is driving me insane with this phone. I have made the leap from an iPhone 4 to an Incredible s and as per the OP I am struggling to get 12 hours with limited use compared to an easy 2 days with the same usage on the iPhone. I have done all the obvious and installed Juice Defender Plus but cannot increase battery life. I notice the up and down arrows appearing regularly to the left of the signal strength bars and cannot figure out what is causing the connection. G mail is set to manual sync and I do not use Facebook. The phone has had 4 or 5 full charges so far so the battery is probably not in peak condition yet. I charged the phone overnight last night and within half an hour of unplugging it this morning battery level was down by 8%. I had sent 2 texts and quickly checked 1 web site.
    Any ideas as otherwise I love this phone.

  12. sombanerjee4

    sombanerjee4 Member

    hi everyone...i am new to android... got my IS only a day before....and must say the battery life is not so great...cant even get through a whole day with out charging....while going through the company(HTC) website in the support section i came across a statement ".....set your battery level to minimum".

    How to "set" battery level to minimum???

    thanks in anticipation!!
  13. LBS61

    LBS61 New Member

    I've had my Incredible S for a year now and it has been superb. I have used Advanced Task Killer from Day One and found it brilliant. However, in the last few days things have gone so wrong. When on charge I get this message: "Your phone is using more current than the charge is able to deliver. Please power off your phone or close unused apps."

    Well I have deleted a load of apps, ones I would have preferred to keep, and shut down programmes with ATK but still I get the message popping up. So I have powered down, but when I power up again, there is barely any charge on the battery. Interestingly, I find the Up Time, and Awake Time are virtually the same, whereas previously there was a massive difference in them. So this would imply that something is keeping the phone Awake and using power. :confused:

    I phoned HTC today, but the chap I spoke to was more interested in telling me about problems he had with his phone, his laptop, the length of his replacement HTC cable ;) and was about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    If anyone here can help me with this I would be so happy! :eek: It has been baffling me all day and I rely on my phone so much that I would really love to get it back to a top notch state again. :eek:

    Incidentally, I have noticed that the usb port on the phone is a little bit loose, the plug doesn't sit in as tight as it ought to, and wiggles about when pulled. I am thinking this has got something to do with the problem also.

    Thanks, in anticipation. :eek:
  14. BigJT1979

    BigJT1979 Member

    a friend of mine has reported the exact same problem, so any suggestions would be great
  15. nikhilkantawal

    nikhilkantawal New Member

    Hi guyz, I have accidentally removed my clock widget ......can't fix it. Can any one help? I use Incredible S.:mad:

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