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  1. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    Ok. I've only had this thing since Thursday night, and I know there is a break in period for a new battery, but damn. This thing EATS power. I have had it off of the charger for 30 minutes, normal power mode, running juice defender, and it has already eaten 1/5 of the battery. I bump charged this morning, and couldn't make it 6 hours without going yellow. I'm not running 4g, and it still runs warm. I really want to love this phone! Is this normal for a brand new unit? Thanks.

  2. jt44

    jt44 Active Member

    Yes it does seem to be a common problem. I had the same thing happen and eventually had to swap my device for a new one. I tried a factory reset and new batteries but I kept getting severe battery drain. My new device doesnt have great battery life but it doesnt drain like crazy anymore.
  3. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    No this is not normal battery drain. I pulled my Rz from the charger around eight this morning.. it's now eleven thirty pm. I watched some youtube.. maybe a couple of dozen texts.. half dozen email. I played tunes this afternoon while I worked, about five hours via BT... I only remember one phone call that lasted less than three min.
    I downloaded one app. I'm in high performance mode and was on 4g except the last five hours. I still have 40% battery. I do NOT use any apps such as juice defender for I've heard they tend to drain more than gain. There is a battery thread in here for suggestions on getting better battery life. You might want to check it out because you should enjoy much better battery life.
  4. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    Ugh... This is my second unit after the first was returned for a defective ear speaker.maybe the Verizon store will give me a new battery, even though I bought it online through Costco? Look at this drain...[​IMG][/IMG]
  5. randpost

    randpost Well-Known Member

    I get an average of 6 hours on the standard battery with heavy use. Not stellar, but it's on par with other phones of the same generation. G Nex, Droid Charge, TBolt, Even the 3G 4s. All comparable battery life. The good thing about most HTC phones is the decent extended battery option. I use an extended battery most of the time and I carry a spare extended battery in my beats pouch along with the headphones. No matter what, I know I can make it through a 24 hour day off the charger. You can also just pick up another standard battery and a TBolt battery only charger. the TBolt battery charger costs 4.99 at Verizon and it charges TBolt and Rezound batteries. You can also pick up a standard battery for 20.00 bucks online or from forum members who no longer use their standard batteries. The option I chose: I picked up extended batteries at Verizon for 50% off. Not bad. that 50% discount is good till Jan. 1st.

    Tbolt Battery Charger:

    I have yet to see a 4G phone get good battery life especially one as powerful as the Rezound.

    My sons Iphone 4s is lucky to make it 5 hours and thats a 3G phone. He uses a 5000mah New Trent external battery pack that recharges his phone via USB at a rate of 1a. This is a good option also if you don't want to buy another internal phone battery. You can pick up New Trent 5000mah external batteries for 30.00 or around that price and they charge electronics fast.

    New Trent Photo:


    EDIT: Added a few photos of my daily carry depending on if I'm going standard or extended.



    I carry the pouch anyways, so why not add some extra battery power.
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  6. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all of the feedback. Do you have any pics of your RZ with the extended battery attached? How much more life do you get from that as opposed to the standard?
  7. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    Great idea about the inexpensive battery only charger, going to pick one up. My battery is ok until I play games or stream Netflix, Im guessing I could get 2-2 1/2 hours of streaming netflix. Under phone/text use the battery is only slightly worse than my dx.
  8. jt44

    jt44 Active Member

    Thanks for the tip on the $5 TBolt external charger. I've been looking for a good deal on one. They didn't have any left at the VZW store this week and for some reason I never thought to check online. Free 2-day shipping on it is nice too! To think I almost spent $20 to $30 on one...
  9. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    My first experiences with 4G LTE are really starting to bum me out! First of all, just to get my phone to last half a day I pretty much DON'T USE 4G! Second, if I do use it to stream a movie or something, it's gonna discharge before the damn movie is over anyway! I'm starting to think that the technology really isn't all it's cracked up to be for smartphones. Until battery technology can catch up, what's the point? Tablets are really the only thing that I can see happily using 4G, due to their larger battery capacity.

    I am again bump charging my 3 day old RZ this morning, in hopes that I can make it to lunch without going into the yellow. Sigh...:(

    I'm starting to think that if I exchange for the GN, at least I will be able to snap on an extended battery without making the phone an inch thick! Sorry for the negativity, but I'm just frustrated. The RZ is great in every way for me; but if it can't last more than 6 hours on a charge, it just can't stay.
  10. randpost

    randpost Well-Known Member

    I get almost double the life from my extended battery, but my phone seems pretty damn good when it comes to battery life compared to others.

    Extended battery with quarter for comparison: No case attached.


    With Extended Battery Holster Case:



    Some idea of my battery usage and duration. This is with extended battery:
    81% battery left:




    I don't actually use the holster, but the extended case is nice.

    EDIT: With extended battery, I get a little over 7 hours watching netflix on automatic brightness in a dark room (The League Marathon) Not bad at all.
  11. randpost

    randpost Well-Known Member

    The GNex extended battery is maybe a 10-15% increase in battery life. If the phone had 20 hrs battery life, then 10-15% would be amazing, but when you're adding 10-15% to 5 -6 hours, It's not that good, and I would venture to say it's not worth it. Plus with the reception problems the Gnex is having, your phone will always be looking for a 3g-4g signal. My brother has a Gnex and hes hoping that updates will fix his battery issues, and he's rocking the extended battery. I don't think you will get much better results on any 4g LTE phone currently at Verizon right now, especially with 1.2ghz+ dual core cpus with 720 screens. Speed and power comes at the expense of battery.The next generation of LTE will use less power especially at idle. We are still in the early stages of LTE.

    I for one am happy with the battery performance of the Rezound compared to the other LTE phones currently available. It isn't leagues better than the rest, but it is better than the TB and the rest of the first line of LTE phones. and on par with the second wave of LTE sets at Verizon right now.
  12. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Well-Known Member

    One thing I have never understood is why android seems to drain battery life when it's sitting idle. My iPhone 4 never did. If I didn't use my iPhone (like a typical sunday), unplugging late morning, I would still be in the high 90's late afternoon.

    Some of my previous android devices could never do that. With the rezound I wanted to test this, so the past 2 sunday's I monitored battery usage. Both days, after unplugging early morning, by about this time I am still at 97%. I have 2 email accounts set to push.

    I did some very light usage this morning. But, even though I wasn't really using the phone much, battery life hasn't really budged. To me, that is significant.

    As far as a normal day is concerned, I don't monitor battery usage because I travel 4 days a week for business and I always have a charger ready to hook up. But on the days I don't charge during the day, the rezound seems to perform very well for a 4G phone with a huge display. I can make it thru an entire work day and get home with more than enough battery left.
  13. jt44

    jt44 Active Member

    I know you said you already swapped once but I think it's your phone or the battery. After I swapped mine I had an annoying amount of light leakage at the bottom of the screen. Rather than swapping again I've convinced myself that I really don't care. I'm too afraid to end up with another device with crappy battery life.

    I'm sure if you end up swapping for the GNex you will be happy. It's a good phone too, but as already said no phone is perfect. The RZ is already pushing the limits of size for me so I just don't think I could go even bigger with the GNex.
  14. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    Again, thanks for all of the input on the subject. Attached is my battery so far today. who knows how the rest of the day will go![​IMG][/IMG]
  15. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    ^^ I would get rid of that lookout security, it isn't needed IMO and possibly causing your battery drain. I can also see that you are connected to WIFI and 1x shows me that the network is trying to do something also (send a text maybe?). Does that ever go away when on wifi?

    I charged my phone before I went to a Christmas party last night and forgot to charge it overnight, in my screenshot, you will see that I am going on 24 hours without charging, and I am still at 40% on the standard battery. I don't download anything weird, like Task Killer, Juice Defender, or Lookout Security and my battery life is better than I could have imagined on this phone.

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  16. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    I've been on my phone all day today either surfing and watching youtube videos at work on 4G(i HATE sunday contract work :-( ), listening to music an hour to work and going an hour going home, nfl redzone off and on all day, more surfing are home, etc etc and I'm well over 18 hours on the stock battery. I have max brightness and power on all the time as well.
  17. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    Good point about Lookout. I checked, and it was a running process. Uninstalled to see if that does anything today.

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