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  1. u1stafterme

    u1stafterme New Member

    Hi. First time posting here.

    I am completely disappointed by the battery life of the NS4G that is running ICS 4.0.4 w/ IMM76D. Attached are a couple of screen shots from my NS4G battery history from today. The history shows that after being on battery for 5 hours and 40 mins, the battery went from 100% down to 16%! I only made 2 short phone calls and checked MSNBC briefly at lunch. How does this type of use wind up consuming such massive amounts of battery? You can see by "history details" that the screen was on very little during this time. Am I missing a setting that is causing it to stay "awake" too much?

    I've really tried hard to like the Andriod, but after being disappointed by the HTC EVO 4G, upgrading to the NS4G (of which I'm on my 2nd) I'm counting the days until I can go back to the iPhone. Even when connected to the car charger, the battery drains faster than it can recharge while using navigation.

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  2. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    I am just about to write in another thread about my battery improvements tonight on the 4.0.4 IMM76 release. It is much better, a lot better than I am used to, even over IMM26. I was about 50-60% battery life remaining after about 8-9 hours. I have 60% after 13 hours right now. So I'd say you have something going on, I have Wi-Fi on all day, and I set it to not remind me of open networks as I use my company's Wi-Fi, and I use GPS. I have a lot of refresh services about 1-2 hours for the ones I care about, other less important about 6 hour refresh periods. I use latitude and google talk for some comparison, as I know some who don't. Sorry you're seeing these issues, but I am not experiencing the same and thought I'd at least let you know if you suspected a phone issue or a battery issue.

    As far as the car charger issue, I'd see what the output is rated at, the adapter that is. I got one at microcenter that outputs 2 Amps instead of the .5 amps that you typically find around and I am able to charge while using navigation or Waze and Slacker at the same time. I also blow a vent of cool air at it as I know it can get very hot, and if it gets too hot, it won't charge as the over temp sensors will prevent it from charging.
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  3. u1stafterme

    u1stafterme New Member

    Thanks, you brought up some good points. I'm going to to disable WiFi network notifications. When using the GPS for extended times, I keep the phone in front of the cold air vent as well.
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  4. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    I noticed too that it seemed that sometimes having Network Location turned off seemed to help, I might also go through the accounts and sync area and see if there is anything that you don't necessarily use a lot of, I have done that, with say books, I don't need my phone syncing books when I barely use it, so maybe I'll turn it on and then off to sync at that moment when I won't kill the battery. I also have cut back on a lot of twitter accounts that I used to get direct sms messages sent to my phone. I think that helped all the times the phone would be awake by the awake ticker marks. Hope that also helps, hmmm, I used to use screebl pro, for supposedly reducing the time the phone display is on, I haven't used it since and I think that might help with battery too. It's a great concept, but I think the standard timeouts work ok, I guess if I plan on using the phone alot and would like the screen on longer than the standard timer, than it would be worth using, but the default display setting seem to work, so I'll leave it disabled still.

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