Battery Drainage after Updating to ICSSupport

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  1. Blasefisch

    Blasefisch New Member


    Ive been more than happy with my Notes Battery Life before the Update. It usually lasted about 1 1/2 day with normal usage.
    Ive updated my phone last Saturday to ICS and now my phone isnt even lasting 8 hours.
    I didnt install any Apps or made any changes after the update. The only thing I did is change my settings back to my prefernces.
    I can basically watch my phone losing its charge and i noticed that it becomes quite hot when I am carrying it in my pants.
    Actually using my phone for something acclerates this even more.

    I wonder of anyone could give me any hintson how to prevent this? I really regret that I updated to this firmware because besides the battery issues some things like Firefox even run rather shaggy....

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    there is power saving mode you can access from notification pull down. I am currently testing it. Got around 8 hours yesterday, playing music for around 4 hours non stop, reading ebooks, checking facebook & twitter, and downloading apps from play store.
  3. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    go into settings applications and check for running apps....

    Also look at battery usage and see whats using it.

    Apparently if you upgrade without 100% charge the battery needs to re-calibrate..

    I had battery drain and it was caused by go sms or an associated go app. I removed them all and it seems the battery usage is flat :)
  4. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    i have experienced some quite severe variances in battery use.

    sometimes it's fine, and "normal" ie perhaps 10% an hour in use. Other times it's like 10% in 10 mins. Checking battery stats its sometimes not obvious whats causing the problem, like "mediaserver" taking up 50% or Skype suddenly going into hyperdrive, even whatsapp one time.

    yesterday i panicked a bit, because it was draining even on charge! But then it settled down after half an hour and started charging normall. weird s**t.

    it does make using the note on battery a bit uncertain. Why cant these companies accept they have a "beast" on their hands and stop trying to weight save all the time. its a big mother, what's another 50 grams gonna make the difference? - double or triple the blooming battery size from the get go and stop the nonsense. give it 15000 mah! yay!!!

    is your hyper drain completely consistent? suggest you check the battery stats regularly to try and get a feel for whats going on.
  5. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    rule of thumb, dont install ANYTHING unless you really need it, and remove unwanted apps asap. Like a pc, all these apps can cause conflicts in addition to battery drains.
  6. jackassnum1

    jackassnum1 New Member

    Same here. Just updated to ICS and now it seems like the battery is draining. Dropped from 96% to 76% in 2 hours 45 minutes, and most of the time the phone is on stand by.. Any news on that or solution?
  7. alpertopcu

    alpertopcu Member

    Same here. I used get 1.5 day usage before upgrade. Now its around 15hours... Looks like OS not optimized...
  8. grmln

    grmln Member

    i used to get around 1 to 1.5 days with net on constantly on gb with moderate usage now it last hardly 8 hours...
  9. ch3mn3y

    ch3mn3y Well-Known Member

    Ics is using hardware often than gb, eg. processor for muktitasking which is better than on gb. So its not strange that it drains battery more
  10. dworkin

    dworkin Member

    Whether ics is cleverer, better at multitasking or whatever, but battery only lasts 8 - 10 hours of very light use then for my money it's an absolute disaster.

    Anybody knows if we can downgrade to GB?

    It's getting to the point where I can't keep the damn thing charged to unless I keep it plugged in and then it gets crazy hot.
  11. ch3mn3y

    ch3mn3y Well-Known Member

  12. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    Why don't you try draining the battery to close to 10%, and charge it overnight and see what's you getting?

    It seems my battery life has improved that way...
  13. shj92922

    shj92922 Member

    try to charge the phone until 100% and then pull out the battery and reinsert it
  14. mandr01d

    mandr01d Member

    the notes battery ,like the sgs 2 is self calibrating, give the rom a few days to settle, ics is a large rom , clear anything you dont use (there is a list of safe apps to remove on xda) dont do any factory resets or large wipes or cwm wipes on ics or you will brick your phone, gb roms or cm9 roms or roms using cm kernels are the only safe roms as of now, with kernel source out now devs should have more safe ics roms soon;)
  15. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    I haven't yet updated to ICS (still not available in the UK) but yesterday I probably pushed the battery hardest yet. It was fully charged at 7AM, I spent an hour and a half on a train with Bluetooth connected to wireless headphones, while Mobile data was on just about all day. Wifi was on for part of the day but not connected to anything. Quite a lot of time was spent web browsing, playing music, editing photos and uploading to Facebook and one of my web sites' photo galleries. By 10PM the battery was indicated to be down to 5%. So 15 hours of reasonably heavy use and still a little juice left.

  16. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    I am planning to gauge the longevity of the battery for seven days. I will let it drain to less <9 %and then charge it overnight while I am sleeping.

    In the waking hours, I will use it to listen to musics all day, do e-book reading for about 1.5 hours total, browsing with mobile data for about 3 hours total, and watch video for about 1 hours total. I will turn off the wifi while I am still at work (around 8 hours off WIFI)

    In the seven days, I will take screenshots of the battery conditions just before I sleep.

    In the end, I am hoping that the Note can last 18 hours this way, but let's see the results.

    As for starter, you can see my battery usage in a sunday, mostly at home, wifi on, used for reading ebooks and browsings. Good run life, 15 hours to 11%.

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  17. koolman

    koolman New Member

    Here what I did on my G-Note based on the same drainage issue and memory leak in my Blackberry Bold.
    1. After updated to official ICS, my G-Note became hot at all time because processor is downloading something fishy. Battery survive barely 8-10 hours only during normal usage.
    2. Backup all data and settings then do a factory reset. Restore backup file. (Better if you backup and restore data before updating to ICS)
    3. After factory reset, u will lose all apps installed from Playstore. Install them again from Playstore. U dont have to pay again any paid apps. Only games data lost, got to start new. Apps installed before updated to ICS could be the culprits of memory leaks and battery drain. Some apps which are not fully fixed or updated got issues with ICS.
    4. Do a battery calibration by discharging until 1-2% left. Recharge again for 8 hours or more just like when we first using it. Do not do this too often, can overkill the battery.

    After I did all these, my G-Note is back to normal and awsome with Nova launcher.
    Good luck everyone.
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  18. mandr01d

    mandr01d Member

    glad to here you "got away" with doing a factory reset on ics you might not be so lucky next time ,have you not heard what has been happening with the emmc bug on ics , triggered by wipes of any sort...please do not suggest to someone on ics to do any wipes as this can and has happened many times cause that person to have a brick , then its back to sammy for a motherboard replacement @300 euros, ouch:(
  19. koolman

    koolman New Member

    There are always risks.. especially when u cannot hold on anymore with this battery drainage.. :mad: I've learnt that updating from official froyo to gingerbread also got this issue..
    The safest way to update is to do a factory reset while on GB. It will erase downloaded apps and its data before u update to the official ICS using KIES. This will greatly reduce any chance of brick or memory leak.
    Like I mentioned, the previous downloaded apps on GB may not 100% compatible with ICS. Most of free apps got adds and bugs..
    Note: Only apply this for official ROM.. never try flashing to other custom ROM. Custom ROM surely got bugs!

    Note: My version: N7000DXLP5
  20. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    thought it was only a few that had been locked and as said already doing the upgrades outside of kies can result in locks on previous versions.

    I had no issues - I did non wipe. ICS works fine for me.

    I also think its a bit hypocritical for samsung to release software outside of kies that can brick your device and they wont honour warranty. As far as I'm concerned I've used official fw and thats the problem. Not the method of installing it.
  21. ch3mn3y

    ch3mn3y Well-Known Member

    Not only samsung do this. Eg. Sony/SE gave ICS beta which needs unlocked bootloader to flash (unlocking bootloader void warrant)...
  22. Queen6

    Queen6 Well-Known Member

    Same here ICS upgrade went smooth with no issues, only the battery life has been literally decimated, my GNote went from one day of extremely heavy business use (14Hrs) to two days of moderate use with Ginger Bread 2.3.6 to just a few hours with ICS (8 if I am lucky) if I am very careful with the phone it can only just about make it through the working day.

    Charged the Note last night, lost 3% while I was asleep, since 7 am this morning the phone has dropped to 50% with very moderate use, nice one Samsung. I will give it a week (already 2 days), if the phone remains the same I will look to revert to GB.

    There is a lot of good in ICS, however reducing the run time to 20% - 25% of GB make it a useless upgrade to me. Hopefully it will improve over the next few days, but so far given the numbers I am seeing for my usage pattern it will need to work miracles :(
  23. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Still waiting for ICS but I have been logging the battery life of my Note in readiness for comparing with ICS once I get it. I normally have wifi, bluetooth, mobile data and GPS switched off until I need to use them but yesterday I left wifi on all day. Admittedly I didn't do a great deal with the phone yesterday - a few short phone calls, some texts and some web browsing, but after 16 hours (7AM-11PM) there was still 41% battery remaining.

  24. AllThingsPure

    AllThingsPure Well-Known Member

    I have just upgraded to ICS and the battery life is half of what I had previously. Today, I disconnected it from the charger fully charged at 9am. By 3pm, the battery was almost flat. And that was with less than 20 minutes of screen on time. The graph shows Exchange Services taking up 62% and Email 18%!!!! My stock email app with the Exchange is configured to sync only once per hour.

    Something is drastically wrong. We need an emergency patch quickly.
  25. kokii25

    kokii25 New Member

    Sure u can my Friend
    Just Download ur preffered GBrom from
    Use ODIn and put THE rom in PDA place , hit START

    Then UR DONE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    If U want in details PM me.........

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