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  1. vladescuioan

    vladescuioan New Member


    Just got my Htc Chacha and I can't manage to get more than 10-12 hours of battery life out of it, even though I use it at most moderate. I have adjusted screen brightness to low, wifi and bluetooth is off, autosync off, etc.

    I read something about the dialer being the problem, as it could use much of the battery life without any explanation, but I don't know what I should do.

    My plan now is to try a power manage application, maybe to do something anyone suggests, after that I`m taking it back to get it fixed/replaced or to get my money back.

    Thank you

  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the forums - thanks for joining!

    Battery drain is a real issue with smartphones, which is a pain. Here is a little info that should help you...

    Any weak signal will cause battery loss. When a phone/tablet detects a weak signal, it will send more power to the radio to boost its ability to connect to that signal (I think).

    Similarly any drop from 4G->3G will cause the phone/tablet to look for a 4G connection, also causing battery drain for sure. The same is true for WiFi -- if the connection gets dropped, the phone/tablet will work a little harder to find it.

    Best bet is to use something like Tasker and/or some widgets to really control when any battery draining activity is taking place.

    Battery draining activities include:

    -The screen being on
    -Background data sync
    -Any large data transfer or frequent screen redrawing (eg the surfing the web with the browser)
    -Some games are also a cause of significant power loss

    To check how much an app is using the battery:

    (from your phone's home screen) Menu > Settings > About Phone > Battery use

    Usually the apps at the top should be something like:

    - Display/Screen
    - Cell Standby
    - WiFi
    - Phone idle

    You might like to try Juice Defender - I don't use it personally, but know plenty that do... there are free and paid versions available on the market - perhaps try the free version to see if this helps you and then, if it does, upgrade to one of the paid versions!

    Hope that this is of some help - let us know if you want any more info!
  3. vladescuioan

    vladescuioan New Member

    Thank you for the detailed advice, most of them I was aware of, but I`ll look into it a bit more. The weak signal is not the issue, nor is the mobile network (it's Hsdpa and has a strong signal).

    The problem is that in the menu, under Battery Use, it shows the dialer component using 97% of the battery. I don`t know how accurate it is, because I have read posts on other forums regarding this issue and there were some who had this abnormal battery consumption for the dialer component, but stil had about 2 days or more of battery life out of the phone.

    Yesterday afternoon I did a system update (fota I think, I`ll get back with exact figures), and did nothing else to the phone, I read somewhere that Htc was aware of the problem and that it would get fixed in the next update. So before the update, the phone had about 7-8 hours of life (ridiculous), after the update it will go to about 20 hours probabily, and with no use at all, just a few messages and 2-3 phone calls, no internet browsing, no gaming, nothing. Also, after the update, the dialer stil uses 90+ % of the battery.

    I`ll get back with more info, at the next recharge I`ll disable facebook chat, I have read something about some sensors that need disabling and it is supposed to help with the dialer issue, and I`ll install Juice Defender (I have it on my htc desire S and the battery lasts about 30-40% more).

    Best regards
  4. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Not a problem... I thought you probably knew a lot of what I was telling you, but it's better to give you as much info as possible!

    As for your dialer using so much power... I am not sure what the reason is... I am no longer using HTC's Sense on my Desire HD and, when I check what has been using the battery, the dailer isn't even listed.

    If you already get 30-40% more out of your Desire S by using Juice Defender, then it's definately a good idea to try it out on your Cha Cha!

    Hope the update sorts your phone a bit!

  5. rohitjoyus

    rohitjoyus New Member

    i have purchased chahca two days before ..the battery problem is true...having so much of apps and function and to make this phone superb htc should provide a heavy battery that is able to give at least 24 hous/a single day backup.....all i used juice defender and all other tricks but/...what is the advantage of taking this facebook only marketing features of the phone not about battery.....

    my money gets wastes......never purchase htc again and for this reason may i got low resale of this phone.....
  6. mrsmartfoneNOT

    mrsmartfoneNOT New Member

    Well, if you have vodafail ( vodafone ) in Australia and you have a HTC cha cha cha i guess you haev to live with the fact that there will always be a flat battery as the signal is ALWAYS weak everywhere..
  7. wallysh

    wallysh Member

    I got one last week and noticed the battery needed to ne charged twice a day. Researched and found out it was a problem with android to do with a dial lock bug. I unlocked, rooted and installed cyanogen7 then SuperOSR both where good on the battery but I lost access to the front camera.

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  8. walids

    walids New Member

    Hi I got the Chacha before 2 weeks and as you all know the battery is miserable, I contact the customer service of HTC for about 7 or 8 times and everytime they answer by giving ways to save the battery or blaming my carrier ect..
    They are denying that they have a bettery problem so guys if you're suffering from this problem do acces their wesite and file a claim cause I promissed them that will make claims rain on them since they told me that no one else but me claimed about the battery.
  9. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    My Chacha seems to be hanging around 22-24 % power usage for HTC SENSE. (according to 'where's my droid power')
    I think there is a possibility to root the chacha, then switch Sense off.
    Couldn't find how to deactivate Sense on the standard phone.
    Anyone had this problem and knows how to solve it ?

    I installed Juice Defender yesterday. Still to early to say if it makes a difference.
  10. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    There is a Dialer bug in the Chacha that drains the battery, in the power options you will see this, it shows dialer usage at 97%. do the following to fix the issue.

    Go to : settings >sound> disable quiet ring on pickup, pocket mode and flip for speaker.
    Go to : settings>applications>development>enable usb debugging.

    Now recharge your battery to the full. Should see some change.
  11. thebarbicide

    thebarbicide New Member

    I tried this simple fix, but for some reason my phone gets to about 30% and then starts draining instead of charging, so i cant tell if it will work for me. Perhaps my issue is different though because cell standby and phone idle are using all my battery. Sometimes if I restart the phone the battery will jump up to about 95%, but then goes backward again. It really sucks because my phone service is shut off and I only use the thing to connect to wifi and check my email.

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