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  1. kellyjane

    kellyjane New Member

    Please help!!

    I've read of similar issues... But i cannot get this to fix! My battery was at 100% just under two hours ago, and it's now at 34%. Battery monitor says it is gpsd that is doing the drain.

    Things i have tried to fix this:
    = closed down maps, and just about every other app i can, in the Applications area of the settings menu.
    = cleared my RAM
    = restarted and shut down the phone a whole bunch of times
    = installed a more detailed battery monitor to try and identify the culprit

    PICS (I'm a new user so can't post images)

    I've tried to do fixes that other users have posted online, but with no success.

  2. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

  3. kellyjane

    kellyjane New Member

    Already checked that thread, I'm afraid... Thank you though!
  4. ichanged

    ichanged Member

    Maybe just buy a new battery or try someone elses (if applicable)? Could be a fast answer to this problem, without 'too much hassle' and then you end up with a spare/back up battery if you buy.
  5. slatt01

    slatt01 Member

    download BETTERBATTERYSTATS from android market.
    Gives you the breakdown on where your battery power is going.
    For me it was using the usb port. Once used it just keeps draining power.
    Have to restart phone to fix it.
    I typically get 24+ hours between charges and as much as 48 hours with lite use.

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