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  1. TheTrueSpin

    TheTrueSpin Well-Known Member

    Ever since ICS this phone has been a disaster. I never used to have any problems, but almost straight after the update the phone would randomly crash and, upon restarting, the battery indicator would state that the battery was almost empty (even if the phone had previously had 100% charge). If I ignored the low battery warning the battery would slowing "recharge" without actually being plugged in. It was annoying, but I could live with it.

    However, now my phone is pretty much unusable. Even if I have 90%+ charge, it will randomly turn off and, upon restarting, claim to have a critically low battery. If I leave the phone off for a while (10 minutes) and turn it back on, the battery will be low but not critically so.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I have tried factory resetting but no luck. I wonder if the battery is busted, but don't want to pay for a new one if it's not going to fix the problem. :mad:

    I loved this phone before ICS, but wish I had never updated.

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You seem to have done all the right things to try and track it down TheTrueSpin.

    Factory Reset is the obvious answer in case you had a bad firmware download or update. If you wanted to, you could re-flash your current firmware by following the instructions under, "My firmware is not eligible for ICS yet but I want it now!", in post #1, here. Bad or corrupt downloads of updates can occur via Kies and, in particular, OTA, Over The Air.

    Re-calibrating your battery is a long shot.

    Wedging a piece of thin paper at the base of your battery can sometimes sort out sudden shut downs.

    However, it is entirely possible that the problem is the battery and, short of borrowing another one to try, a trip to your nearest Samsung Service Point might be called for.
  3. ishaan666

    ishaan666 Member

    I have the exact same problem.. I mean EXACTLY the same
    tried factory reset but of no use, recalibrating doesn't help either
    I have now finally ordered a new battery, let's see how that one goes
  4. TheTrueSpin

    TheTrueSpin Well-Known Member

    Please do report back once your new battery arrives. I think is my only option.
  5. ishaan666

    ishaan666 Member

    nope, a new battery didn't help either
    nor a visit to samsung service center
    I guess I'll just have to buy a new phone soon...

    EDIT: See post underneath
  6. ishaan666

    ishaan666 Member

    Ignore my previous post.. turns out, it was a faulty battery
    got it replaced, it is working great now
    no shut downs so far for the past 2 days, even the battery drain isn't as pronounced as before
    another thing I noticed is that my old battery gradually started charging very quickly, this new one takes good 2hrs+ to go from 20% to 100% as when my phone was brand new

    *A little thing to note is that I recently flashed the official jellybean rom (spain version), so maybe that contributed
  7. phantomprose

    phantomprose New Member

    I'm not sure it's the battery's fault. My phone is also doing the exact same thing. I think you fixed it by upgrading to jellybean. I've been trying to google the solution.
  8. ishaan666

    ishaan666 Member

    at least for my case, I'm quiet sure it was indeed the battery
    my old battery still results in a shut down even on jb

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