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  1. Jared7

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    Hi all,

    This has started to occur since my phone has updated to gingerbread.
    First it seemed that the update actually had increased the battery's duration or life spam.
    It has happened a couple times already, not just to mine but also to my wife's phone.
    The battery is fully charged when we go to bed and when I wake up in the morning the phone has either disconnected itself or has a message requesting to be plugged to charger.
    My battery's info shows that both phone and idle are responsible for over 46% of battery usage each??? When I am asleep???:eek:

    The one thing we always do at night is turn off the sound and leave it only on vibration. Assuming this could not cause a complete battery drainage...this was never an issue with the previous OS but now it is becoming a pain. I use juice defender on extreme configuration settings and still...
    The weirdest part is that the battery seems to work properly when in use, although sometimes later in the afternoon, the icon shows full and suddenly drops to fully discharged.
    I then charge it completely and leave it overnight, to find it either disconnected or completely drained in the morning.

    I would appreciate any help or suggestions any of you may have.

  2. Jared7

    Jared7 Member

    Problem solved. I now have my phone connected and on since yesterday at lunch time. Battery is still above 70%. I have watched videos, made a couple calls, used the GPS...
    I will share what I have learned.
    There seems to be a bug that makes wi-fi connect to maps regardless of the phone being idle.
    1- Set juice defender settings to aggressive.
    2- Create a shortcut with power options to save time.
    3- Turn off wi-fi for the night or when not in use.

    Juice defender on aggressive settings will automatically prevent maps from using 3G.

    Hope this is of some use for someone with a similar problem
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