battery FUBAR after root and cyanogen 6.1

  1. jhaquo

    jhaquo Member


    I finally rooted my htc desire and installed cyanogen 6.1. It was pretty awsome, until i realised after 1 day of almost no use, that, the battery didnt even last one day...

    I did a restore to the sense, did a full charge yesterday. Unplugged it around 5pm, at 5am the phone shut down because the battery was empty... I only sended like 10 text messages in the evening.

    Please, how can i fix this?

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Have you wiped battery stats via the Recovery menu?

    Did you flash with the USB plugged in?
  3. jhaquo

    jhaquo Member

    no i did not wipe the battery stats
    and no, not via usb plugged in if i recall corectly
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    OK, if you boot into recovery, I think its under advanced, you can wipe battery stats there (if you're using clockworkmod)
    There is also a calibration trick. Its not much use other than placebo effect in every day use, but in this situation, it may help...

    Charge phone until green 100%.

    Unplug and turn off.

    Charge until green whilst off (if already green, asume this step is done) - then disconnect

    Turn on phone, allow to boot up and turn off again after OS fully loaded (2 mins)
    Whilst off, charge again until green

    Turn on phone and test.
    Also assume you did a data wipe between these roms? If you did not, it may be battery drain related. Suggest factory reset.
    If all the above fail to return a good result, your battery may have gone faulty.
  5. jhaquo

    jhaquo Member

    thanks i will try that.
    is there a better time to do the bat stat wipe?

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