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  1. KatieKate81

    KatieKate81 New Member

    Anyone know how the heck to turn this off? Keeps waking me up at night and it's driving me nuts.

  2. SinR1

    SinR1 Member

    I hate this too. couldn't locate a setting for this either.
  3. Herotech

    Herotech Well-Known Member

    I was told by the manager at the Sprint store that its bad for the shelf life of the battery to charge it over night. IMO its best to wake up and unplug the phone before going back to sleep.
  4. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    These phones stop charging after they reach 100% so I don't see how that would cause a problem :eek: (at least mine does which is why I turn it off )
  5. Sexymeatball

    Sexymeatball New Member

    You can turn off the audible notification by disabling the system touch sounds. I haven't been able to figure out how to get rid of the notification all together though. I have night clock and use the epic as my alarm clock with the dock, and when the fully charged notification comes on, it doesn't go away automatically. So it just stays on over the clock, making the screen really bright until I hit "ok". Would love to find a way to stop this notification completely.
  6. MrFlipside

    MrFlipside Member

    So, did this manager hand you a shovel to help you dig your way out of the pile of BS they laid on you?

    There's no documentation that I'm aware of that comments on NOT keeping the device plugged in, or warns against over charging it... Heck, Sammie even provides an optional DOCK to use to keep the Epic hooked up to power ALL DAY. There are circuits built into the device that will prevent over charging.

    HOWEVER, if the charging circuits fail, a battery failure could occur if the device is connected to a charger at the time. So, in this failure mode, it would be safer to disconnect the device once a full charge is reached. I would imagine that this failure mode is VERY uncommon, and if it were to be experienced, the entire device would be lost. Lithium battery fires (from overcharging) are all over the internet...

    I would imagine that the legal department is involved with the notification message on the screen, and that because of this, there will be no way to defeat it.
  7. gudmundurp

    gudmundurp New Member

    I have googled this to death and came up emty ... unless you are developer or coputer geek.
    The solution is: App called Timeriffic :D
    Easy to use, and you create profile that f.ex. shuts down notification sounds from 23:00 to 6:00, lower ringtone, disable vibration and all the stuff you like to edit.
    Then f.ex. at 6:00 you enable ringtone 100%, notification tone 100%, vibration and stuff you disabled over the night :cool:
    Excelent stuff !!!!!!!!
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  8. madiom

    madiom Well-Known Member

    Tasker and Weaver do the same thing. You can set up profiles to change settings based on certain events. Tasker is more complicated to use but you can really do a lot with it.
  9. NalrahMale

    NalrahMale Member

    If the battery full message comes on while you're sleeping and stays on all night it will burn in to the screen. Watch out for that! Had to get a replacement.
  10. rsperko

    rsperko New Member

    I just added a Tasker profile to handle this which is working. But it feels very "against the grain" seems like there should be a settings somewhere. I am tired of being woken up in the middle of the night. Only had the phone for a few days.
  11. NormanHN

    NormanHN New Member

    I just turn the ringer and vibrate off and turn the phone upside down. So the light going on does not bother me.:)
  12. zetterwing

    zetterwing Active Member

  13. jjphoto

    jjphoto Member

    My fully charged notification comes on, but disappears in just a few seconds.
  14. smpcorp

    smpcorp Member

    My wife and I both got our Epic phones at the same time. I asked her what she did to cause her "Battery Fully Charged" notification to come on and stay on all night. The thing lights the whole room and is really annoying. Mine only displays it for a few minutes as jjphoto's does then goes out. My wife said she did nothing and it always did that.
    Very strange...
  15. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes Well-Known Member

    Check out this thread.

    The idea is the suppress the "battery full" display, so that the phone can be used in a cradle as a bedside clock. The tasker solution doesn't help with that.
  16. rmingee

    rmingee Well-Known Member

    Uh, that would seem to pose a major problem for the dock they sell for the Epic, which disables the screen timeout. Seems the desktop for the dock would burn into the screen. Do these screens really suffer burn-in?

    -- robert
  17. CrozB

    CrozB Member

    It is not just the dock users... I leave mine plugged in with the stock charger cable at night and every night that screen pops on with that message and never goes away until I get up in the morning and dismiss it. I leave the phone upside down now so I don't see it, but it is a real pain!

  18. avargas28

    avargas28 New Member

    I just registered to say that this is freaken annoying. Ill be sleeping and the phone vibrates telling me the battery is full, waking me up. I have the volume all the way down too. smh, no luck disabling, eh?
  19. razer

    razer Active Member

    I don't like the battery full notification and I really don't like the "Battery is low notification" at 15% either. Last thing I need my phone to do is turn the screen and use precious battery power when my battery is low.

    I wish there was a quick fix.
  20. CrozB

    CrozB Member

    This is finally fixed for me. For those that are rooted it looks like you have a couple options:

    1. Flash schizopunk's Epic Experience - Version 1.2.03 [10/23] This is a all around great ROM that with the Phoenix Kernel gives great battery life. This is what I did and I have tested and can confirm this ROM kills the battery full pop-up screen.
    2. For those not looking to change ROMs it looks like you can get and flash raiderep's MOD here . I have not tested this method, but it is what that schizopunk used in his ROM.

    Thanks to raiderep and schizopunk

    Hope that helps.
  21. bsmithj3

    bsmithj3 Member

    settings-applications-development-turn of stay awake.
    This will allow the phone to automatically go into sleep mode after fully charged...
  22. neemo6

    neemo6 Well-Known Member

    Anyone get a fix for this , my droid charge is driving me nuts doing this!!!
  23. tatklim

    tatklim Member


    From the XDA Developers Forum, I have implemented the following solution successfully on my Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G (with GingerBread.EI22), which has eliminated the "Battery fully charged. Unplug charger" notification from my phone. Good Luck! :)
  24. jennafenna

    jennafenna New Member

    Settings::Sounds:: at the very bottom:: battery full notification, voila!
  25. Daredelvis

    Daredelvis New Member

    I agree, and it is my opinion that this annoying feature is tacit admission by samsung that this is a possibility. Seems almost counterproductive. Since the most recent upgrade, the former workaround no longer works.

    This is just one more stupid thing you have to keep in mind before buying a phone. Who would have thought that a manufacturer would put something like this in a phone, with no option to disable.

    I hate this phone for this reason (that and the crappy battery life), and will not be buying another Samsung.

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