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Battery indicator blinkingSupport

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  1. lunarossa

    lunarossa Member

    My galaxy S2 battery indicator started blinking and battery is draining rapidly even if mobile left unused and with all applications closed. Tried to clean charging port but no luck. Has this thing happened to anyone or does anybody know the solution to solve this problem.

  2. icedtea

    icedtea Well-Known Member

    1. try your battery on other s2 devices if possible
    2. if this arises for more than 1 occurence in a week, then you might have a faulty battery. . .
    3. have you tried draining the battery already?
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  3. lunarossa

    lunarossa Member

    The indicator is blinking everyday, tried to drain the battery as well unfortunately I cant try my battery in an other S2
  4. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Hi mate I've had this problem. If cleaning the usb doesn't work then I'm afraid you may have a faulty usb connector. If this is the case then you can either take it back to your provider or.... The option I chose... Was to take it to a shop (computer exchange if your from the UK) and they fixed it for 20 quid
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  5. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Might I add that your warranty is void if you choose my option but thank fully they can fix it without breaking the warranty strip in the phone so to speak so the choice is yours really
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  6. lunarossa

    lunarossa Member

    Thats what I had to do a shop changed my usb port and now its ok,
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