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  1. charliehowes

    charliehowes Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me the best app for indicating battery life on the XE please ?
    I am currently using Battery Time Lite, which is what I used on my Desire for 17 months without any problems, but when I installed it the XE wasn't listed in the list of phones you get to choose from when selecting what you're using.
    I had to put battery power in manually & I've had nothing but problems with it.
    Sometimes it will appear to be fully charged, but within minutes & without actually using the phone, it's less than 25%.
    Then on other occasions I've known it stick and not go down at all until the phone switches itself off.
    Last night when I went to bed it was showing 75% full. When I woke up this morning I picked up the phone to see what time it was but the phone was off with the battery completely flat.
    Any help would be muchly appreciated.

  2. murzz

    murzz Well-Known Member

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  3. charliehowes

    charliehowes Well-Known Member

    Cheers mate I'll give it a go.
  4. murzz

    murzz Well-Known Member

  5. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    I use the same widget. I was so impressed with it, that I brought it.

    Very customizable once its unlocked.
  6. UKseagull

    UKseagull Well-Known Member

  7. sweetlady143

    sweetlady143 Member

    I use battery mix hehehe
  8. krospyke

    krospyke Well-Known Member

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