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  1. EasyBoy

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    I am using LAVA XOLO (India brand) mobile phone, somehow my mobile phone battery is dying very quickly now and it's taking time to charge as well.

    This was not the case before. I did all required setting (i.e set brightness to lowest, switch off the 3G when i am not using it etc..). And didn't install any new application. I love to play 8 Ball pool, so that's the one of the most application i am using it.

    I did click on Battery and it shows Cell Standby : 44% and Phone idle 39%. Rest of the things was about 5%.

    Please let me know your inputs to best way to optimize my phone or how to save the battery.

  2. Simon99

    Simon99 Member

    Is a new phone? Is the battery formatted? Which capacity has the battery?
  3. EasyBoy

    EasyBoy Member

    This is not a new phone. I am using this phone from last 7-8 months. I am using the same without changing the battery.

    Battery type
    Li-Ion 1700 mAh battery
  4. Simon99

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    Check the background applications. Is possible that the battery to be drained by a high energy consumption app.

    Is also possible that the battery to be low quality / exhausted after a limited number of charges.
  5. PaulS

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  6. Thom

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    If you are running Jelly Bean try running in Safe Mode (disabling all apps you added without uninstalling them). If the problem stops it was caused by one of the apps you added.

    ... Thom

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