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Battery Issue, Wierd!General

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  1. BillH2

    BillH2 Member

    I was using the phone without any battery saving features activated and as expected, having it run the battery down early in the evening. One night I notice I have about 20% battery left so I plug in the charger. Usually I don't notice but this time I am looking at it and it says the battery is 40% charged. ???
    Next night I again run the battery down but this time instead of plugging in the charger, I power it off and re-start it. When I powered it off, it said I had 40% battery left. When I powered it up, the battery reading was 70%. The battery dischage indicator seems to be lying about how much battery charge is left.
    Anyone seen anything like this?

  2. badgett

    badgett Member

    I know what you mean. When my battery gets to about 30% while I'm at work I just restart and I'm back to about 60%. Weird but cool.
  3. nuicgood

    nuicgood New Member

    Yes my Motorola Electrify seems to have the same issue. It will show a low battery and I will pull battery and it seems to go back up? Not sure what to make of it? Is it normal?
  4. BigTONE414

    BigTONE414 Member

    yup, same "problem" here. lol
  5. tecsironman

    tecsironman Member

    it prob has something to do with the fact the phone is keeping the battery info up to date and when you restart the phone it resets its tables.. I have done a restart and when the phone comes back on it jumps up 30 percent.. then when i go to use it it quickly drops back down to where it was before.

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