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  1. Mobelicious

    Mobelicious New Member

    Im using a Samsung GT-I5503. It runs Android 2.1.
    Now the problem is, the battery drains too quick. within 4 hours, it dropped down to 45% after a 100% charge. its just like that since i bought it.

    i used battery optimizers and several ways to save battery life, but still it acts funny.

    Im a "stay connected all the time" kind of person and cell internet is important to me. so my cell internet is on the whole day and a couple of apps such as Facebook, twitter and msn.

    all other battery consuming options are set to off. bluetooth, sync, wifi, brightness, 3g etc.

    my question is. Is there anything i can do to save battery?

  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Just curious on how often you sync Facebook, twitter and what msn app are you using? Most 3rd party messanger app I find drains the battery quickly.
  3. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    Wait, if you have WiFi and 3G off, how is your cell internet on the whole day? And if you are home or in a WiFi hotspot, turn that on and use it, WiFi uses less power than cellular data.
  4. Twisted-

    Twisted- Member

    There is an option to have your phone only use 2G services to preserve battery power. So perhaps that's what he means when he says 3G is off.
  5. snGus

    snGus New Member

    if you keep your phone's screen on for too long it will drain the battery very fast. so if you're always browsing data or using your phone actively it will drain the battery very fast. also the brightness settings will make this demand for battery grow if you set the screen brightness to a very high level. i use mine at 45% and it still provides me a good visualization.
  6. cellappfreak

    cellappfreak New Member

    I am using Galaxy 5, I donot even use internet much not on 3g nor on 2g and every option is off like BT, WIFI, background sync etc. but my battery drains in 6 to 10 hours on standby. Using juice defender battery optimizer app but juice defender exactly does the same i have done manually, screen brightness is really low. Now any one has any suggestion for me to increase battery life after a full recharge atleast it should work 16 to 24 hours minimum.
  7. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    you don
  8. cellappfreak

    cellappfreak New Member

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