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  1. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    I had a question on how to tell if the battery on my Razr Maxx is functioning properly, or if there is a fault. I purchased my Maxx a month ago, and it was great, I was going over 2 days before needing to put it on the charger. I had that phone about 10 days and had to return it for a new one because the SD/SIM card door wouldn't stay shut. So, my 2nd phone (still brand new) seems to have less battery life to it. No different programs installed or different usage than when I had my 1st phone. I always try to let the phone get down to 10% or so before putting it on the charger for a full charge. I let my phone charge yesterday, and unplugged it before going to bed, so the phone litterally sat all night with no use. I woke up, and was shocked to see my battery life down to 60% already. Here is what the battery said:

    8 hr 35 min
    android os 43%
    phone idle 24%
    cell standby 12%
    phone 11%
    screen 7%
    facebook 2%
    com.motorola..provider.sugg 2%
    This just seems way off. I hate to go back to Best Buy to ask for a new one, because I know I'm just going to get the "uhhhhh....well....did you change the screen dim setting to 'so dark you can't see it?'" Or they will want me to prove it, etc. Not in the mood to argue, especially since this would be my 3rd phone in less than 30 days. Any advice? What do you guys recommend?

    P.S. - Again, my phone settings are the same, the apps are the same, no firmware updates or anything from the 1st to 2nd phone. Plus as you can see from the battery info above...nothing was really running

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Yeah seems like something is definitely wrong there. The Android OS should not be using that much battery power...Have you tried just restarting the device to see if that fixes any issues?

    Otherwise you could try performing a factory reset, it would delete everything but it might also fix this software issue.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    I have not yet restarted the device, I thought I would continue to monitor the battery usage throughout the day, and restart and recharge again tonight.

    So the theory is that the software is the issue, and not the battery?

    Would a factory reset be very useful at this point, since the phone is ~2 weeks old, with only a handful of apps installed? I really haven't tweaked anything yet.
  4. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    Factory reset helped me a lot with battery issues. Do that and see if it changes. If not, have them order you a replacement.
  5. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    Here is my latest, let me know what you think. I restarted the phone before putting it on the charger, just to make sure misc programs weren't running.

    15% Remaining
    1d 18h 8m on battery
    Screen 32%
    Android OS 29%
    Phone Idle 18%
    Cell standby 9%
    facebook 4%
    gmail 3%
    phone 2%
  6. erikmb

    erikmb Active Member

  7. parth212

    parth212 Member

    OP i have the same issue. I got my maxx back in sept and within the what 3 months ive had 3 replacements. The phones would over heat and/or the battery life is horrible. Call for a warranty replacement the one im using now is perfect although it took three replacements haha.
  8. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    Does my recent posting show a "terrible" battery life, or is that "average"?
  9. lorimcco

    lorimcco New Member

    I've just had a breakthrough with my own Motorola Razr on this subject after checking out this forum on this subject for the last couple months. Every night I've had to plug in my phone to recharge. 3 phones ago I even had one I had to charge 2 and 3 times a day just to make it through the day. All that was done with a wall charger. I took the first one back because of short battery life. I was given another as a replacement and now have had problems with it only charging to 60% after being plugged in all night. After trying the suggestions here (checking it outfor apps that suck the battery and even block charging, a full reset, factory reset, etc), calling customer service and even receiving yet another replacement phone, I FINALLY just happened to plug it into my car charger for 2 hours and it charged fully! Not only that, but the charge lasted 2 days.
    Coincidently enough, along with all the gizmos I received with the first phone, there was a little AC/DC converter that can be plugged into the wall and presents an opening similar to the cigarette lighter on a car. I have now taken my car charger, plugged it into this little converter and into the wall for 3 nights in a row and wah-lah! My phone is charging 100% every night. Not sure how long it is taking, but today I will plug it in (when the charge fades a bit), and see if it will charge in 2 hours. Unfortunately it only stays charged for 14 hours or so when charged from the wall.
    I have a bit of engineering background, and I hate to think this may be a screw up on the charging circuitry of the phone itself, but that 60% max charging level on the AC wall circuit looks suspicious.
  10. lorimcco

    lorimcco New Member

    Oh, and I am sending the replacement #2 back to Motorola...
  11. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    I purchased mine through best buy. Not sure how they will react when I tell the 15 year old kid in the cell phone section that I want a new one, because the battery is short on this one. I'm sure I'll get the "did you try to delete some apps?"....I have hardly anything on this phone.

    It's phone #2. #1 had a bad sim card door, but the battery was awesome. Now #2 has a working door but a shorter battery. I even let mine get to 15% before charging almost every time.
  12. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    Last night I was out and about, my phone was just sitting my my shirt pocket, pulled it out and the entire phone was HOT. Not just the back battery side but the screen was smoking hot as well. Nothing was going on with the phone. Something isn't right.
  13. razrclive

    razrclive Well-Known Member

    The quicker you take it back the better.
  14. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    Back from Best Buy, new phone in hand....fingers crossed
  15. cold1313

    cold1313 Member

    Phone #3, still running on the 1st charge.....so far, it looks very promising

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