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    A great widget to monitor the level and condition of the battery.
    Graphic simple but exceptional. The widget is designed to achieve
    excellent performance while saving as much as possible battery, memory and resources.


    The colors of the widget vary from state to state and battery level.
    * Green - Battery charging (0% - 100%)
    * Blue - Battery not charging (21% - 100%)
    * Yellow - Low battery (11% - 20%)
    * Red - Very low battery (0% - 10%)
    Try it is free!
    And tell me what you think!

    Link free:

    Link pro:

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    Only one word: "ESSENTIAL".
    "Tools" is a collection of applications for daily life.
    Download more than 22 useful applications.
    The application takes up very little space.

    View attachment 40121
    View attachment 40122
    View attachment 40123

    The objective is to have a set of tools lightweight, fast and especially easy to use.
    - Battery level with animation
    - Chronometer
    - Torch
    - Dice
    - Heads or tails
    - GPS coordinates, altitude, speed
    - Weight form
    - Ideal weight
    - Calorie needs
    - Days between two dates
    - Discount calculation
    - Spin-off of VAT ( Valued Added Tax ) calculation
    - Speed converter
    - Temperature converter
    - Weight converter
    - Length converter
    - Volume converter
    - Disposition calculation ( + Permutation = Factorial ) + explanations
    - Combination calculation + explanations
    - Password generator
    - Fuel calculator
    - Copy result
    Languages support:
    No access to the Internet.
    No advertising.
    No spam.
    The application has been tested numerous times on multiple devices.
    Try it and you will not be disappointed

    Link free:

    Link full:
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    NotifyMe is an innovative and unprecedented application.
    Choose what, how and when to notify certain events.


    Do you have daily commitments? Do you have specific times to respect?
    - School
    - Work
    - Studying
    - Fitness
    - Appointments
    - Cleaning
    - And anything else
    With NotifyMe you can create your own custom notifications with icons and text,
    and you can also choose the times at which such notifications must be shown.
    NotifyMe collects a large number of default icons for every eventuality.
    If you do not want to be bothered you can turn off the service with a click and turn it on when you want.
    You can also decide whether to start the service when the phone starts.
    The application is designed to save as much battery as possible and the service performs
    the necessary calculations only when necessary and not continuously.
    Try NotifyMe and you will not be disappointed.

    Link free:

    Link full:
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    Now full hd
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    Added Mathematical functions.
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    Updated. Added PRO
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    no calculus
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    Updated. Added

    - Advanced visualization task
    ( temperature, technology, advanced state,voltage, etc.. )
    - History of battery level
    - History of temperature (NEW)
    - History of voltage (NEW)
    - Custom color, light, halo of light and round corner(NEW)
    - Battery usage (NEW)
    - Statistics task (NEW)
    - Different size for widgets(NEW)
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    price lowered
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    it's ok
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    Updated. Added airplane mode
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    Updated. +150.000 downloads in only 1 month. try it.
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    updated. Now the first on play store in battery widget category
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    Hello guy, I share you the link of my new APP "School Diary".


    From today, you no longer need to spend money every year to buy a diary and it is no longer necessary to do without it.

    This APP is designed to follow the student during the school year allowing the rescue of all the information that we need . In fact, the APP includes 5 interactive modules .

    The features are as follows:
    1 ) Management of school periods
    2 ) Management of school subjects/courses
    3 ) Event Management (diary) :
    4 ) Selection Event Type
    *******- Homework
    *******- Tests / Exam
    *******- Notes
    *******- Information
    *******- Etc .
    5 ) Search for events
    6) Month view events
    7) Day view events
    8 ) Notification of events ( on the user's choice )
    9 ) Management of votes
    10) Choice of type's vote
    *******- Written
    *******- Oral
    *******- Practical
    11) Filter the votes
    12) Statistics of the votes
    13) Filter statistics
    14) School Timetable
    15) Notification school time (on the user's choice )
    16) Notification Settings
    17) Exporting Data

    APP also optimized for Tablet.

    Each period work independently from the others and the events stored in one will not show up in the other .
    When the application starts, you must set a period so you can access all of its functionality.

    APP for students designed by a student.
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