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Should Motorola have ignored Google and put an SD card slot in their phones?

Poll closed Aug 27, 2014.
  1. Yes, Google's too restrictive trying to force me to use their Music service.

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  2. Yes, Motorola did it before, they should do it again.

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  3. No, I don't need more than 16GB of memory total.

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  4. What's an SD card?

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  1. dhinged

    dhinged Well-Known Member

    I'm debating getting the Moto X or the HTC One M8 (or the Remix) on Verizon, and the Moto X looks and runs great (and I have small hands), but I'm worried about the battery life (I currently have a Droid Razr Maxx), the Active Display needlessly turning on whenever the phone moves (can that be disabled without disabling the other features?), and the lack of a microSD card slot (I have 20GB of music).

    I need things to run smooth, the battery to last a day, blinking notifications or Active Display notifications, and enough memory to put maybe 16GB of music on it while still being able to take pictures and videos, and have some nice video games.

    Is this possible on the Moto X 32GB? What did you have to sacrifice? Why did they not include a microSD card slot this time around?

  2. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    Active display could be disabled.
    There is 64gb phone, so you should be good.
  3. PapaGary

    PapaGary Member

    It sounds like the Moto X is not the phone for you.
  4. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I have no issue with battery, even with Active Display. Active Display uses a very small amount of battery, between the low power chip to run it and the AMOLED display -- where it only needs to power the pixels that aren't black. Personally, even with GPS, Active Display, and Hands Free all on I'm only losing about 1% an hour when I don't use my phone.

    Of course, how you use your phone will ultimately determine how long the battery lasts. For most, it seems like the Moto X lasts at least 8 hours of moderate to heavy usage (YMMV). As always, there are ways to extend battery life; turning off GPS, using black backgrounds whenever possible (again, AMOLED display), etc.

    I purchased the 64GB model, so don't miss having an SD card slot. My phone, without what I added, has roughly 55.5GB free space. I've sacrificed nothing with this phone, at least for how I use it.

    From what I recall of the 32GB version, it comes with around 25GB free, which would probably be tight with music and games. There is also the issue of the lesser processor, so processor intensive games will not run as well.

    Ultimately, it all depends on what you want/need out of a phone. For me it is near perfect. As someone else stated, it sounds like you may be better off with a different phone -- but only you can be the judge of that.
  5. dhinged

    dhinged Well-Known Member

    What makes you say that? I just listed a bunch of ways it could be, but you don't mention what exactly fails on my list of requirements. Does it not run smooth? Does the battery not last a day? Does it not have blinking notifications or Active Display notifications without needing it to turn on to show me the time every time the phone moves? Does the 32GB version have enough memory to put maybe 16GB of music on it while still being able to take pictures and videos, and have some nice video games?

    Kind of an uninformative shut-down answer if you ask me, but no need to reply unless you can answer those questions.
  6. dhinged

    dhinged Well-Known Member

    The 64GB version is not compatible with Verizon.
  7. dhinged

    dhinged Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the actual informative answer (1 for 3 today).

    I learned Android takes about 7GB on the Maxx (probably the same for the Moto X), so I'll be cutting it close with 16GB of music, and I'm afraid games won't run well, but maybe I'll try some more tests at Verizon (if I can get them to connect it to WiFi... geesh).
  8. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    I voted yes on the MicroSD question. HOWEVER, since purchasing my 32 GB Moto X, I have found that I have MORE THAN ENOUGH space for apps, photos, and music. I use one 200 song playlist which I rarely even listed to. Also, I had a 64 GB card with which I added 30 ripped movies to view on my old Galaxy Note 3, and guess what, I NEVER WATCHED A MOVIE ON MY PHONE, EVER ! So do I miss the MicroSD option, NOT AT ALL ! Still, I think the option should be there for those who choose to watch movies on their devices. With the ability to purchase a 64 or 128 GB MicroSD card on the cheap, who could balk at such an option?
  9. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    As far as the SD card, you could always pick up a microSD external card reader. Meenova makes the one I use. It's about the size of a dime and around 1/4" thick. It plugs into the micro USB/charging port, and has a little slot on the side for a micro SD card. Works fine for me. It worked fine before KK, but after the 4.4.4 update it's been restored to working order. Otherwise you needed an app like Nexus Importer for it to work.

    As far as battery, I have would say it gets at least as good a battery life as the Galaxy S3, on occasion I've got over a day of battery life (babying it). But I'd say it's average to above for non monster battery phones (like the Maxx or G2).

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