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battery life and call qualityGeneral

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  1. graham morgan

    graham morgan New Member

    I am thinking of buying a Samsung Gio but have seen in the reviews that battery life is poor as is the call quality (background noise). Do owners of the Gio agree?

  2. waqas1986

    waqas1986 Member

    Its great device , yeah there was battery issues in previous firmware but in latest Updates its all sort out ... And i never faced any call quality issue at all , don't know about others but i have this device from last 3 months and its getting better and better every day .....

    I recommend this device 100 % ..
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  3. alin4alin

    alin4alin New Member


    i'm new in here and waiting 4 my GIO. and i saw your comment, what do you mean by "previous firmware"? starting with android x.x is no longer a problem the battery issue?

    are there any important updates that need to be applied?

  4. Hi,
    this is a great phone.
    firmware can update by samsung kies. when you update it. the most problems has gone.

  5. lynnm_54@yahoo

    lynnm_54@yahoo New Member

    I bought my Galaxy Gio July 18 and took it back to the Optus shop yesterday (5/8) - the battery life is less than 6 hours!!!!! I take it to work fully charged, (8am) make/receive 1 or maybe 2, or maybe zero phone calls, (max length would only ever be 2-3 minutes), same with messaging, I just simply have it on - no WiFi going, no internet, no music...just "on" and by 2pm the battery is just about gone...by 3pm it's dead! Now I'll be without it for one or two weeks while they 'test' it. My old Sony Erricson could last, make calls, send text, use the light and calculator all day and then maybe some of the next before it had to go back on the charger...At this moment I am not happy with the Samsung Gio...
  6. blooglet

    blooglet Member

    I'm on the latest firmware officially available through KIES (2.2 Froyo) and I can confirm that the battery life is, in fact, very short. It's about a day if I just leave it on in standby with cellphone radio enabled and other communication (WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS) switched off.

    Can you please specify when the battery life issues were resolved?
  7. alin4alin

    alin4alin New Member


    lynnm_54 did u get your gio back? what did they say? today my gio had a very very small battery life, just about 8 hours... and i'm not happy with that...
  8. Bagbug

    Bagbug Well-Known Member

    I charged it Tuesday night and I still have more than 80% left. I only made a few phone calls but I played a lot with the phone(wifi and games).

    So the battery life is excellent.

    Phone is running on official Android 2.3.4 .
  9. blooglet

    blooglet Member

    How can you be running 2.3.4? As far as I know, 2.2 is the most recent official update. My battery performance seems to have improved since first buying the product.
  10. Bagbug

    Bagbug Well-Known Member

    Because this is what the phone had when Bell started shipping them.

    It's even written on the package.
  11. blooglet

    blooglet Member

    The official site says it runs 2.2 Froyo. The Canadian site, however, says it runs 2.3 Gingerbread. I guess that for once, Canadians get something before everyone else. :)

    But if the exact same model is running 2.3 in Canada, what's the holdup in releasing it for other countries?
  12. blooglet

    blooglet Member

    Update on the battery life: I can leave my phone in standby for 1 day and 10 hours before it starts asking me to connecting the charger at 15% battery life. I might have to upgrade my battery because this isn't good enough for me.

  13. EngineBlock

    EngineBlock Member

    OK It's been 2 days this set has been with me. I found wifi is the most consuming utility. turn it off when not in use and your phone will last pretty much long.
  14. blooglet

    blooglet Member

    Today I was able to update to Gingerbread using Samsung Kies. Also, pro tip to enhance the battery life: download Auto Airplane mode to automatically turn your phone into airplane mode at night when you're asleep anyway.
  15. esilviu

    esilviu Member

  16. pellicle

    pellicle Member

    Yes. I recently bought mine after researching and find that battery life is hopeless. I've come from using a Nokia E63 where I could be in meetings all day, take notes, browse web (Opera mobile 11) and access PUSH email all day. Typically I'd get 1.5 days of hard use or 2~3 days of light use.

    I could navigate using GPS on my Nokia for 4 hours and have no impact on the phone battery (even on my Nokia E51) but after a 10 minute drive with the Samsung it drained my battery to 50% from full.

    Its a lovely phone to use in many ways but man it just can't cut it on the battery.

    Calls of rooting your phone and installing 3rd party apps for controling CPU are sad.

    Add to the fact that I can't set navigation points in places where there are no roads or use the phone to act as a trip calculator (the Nokia would record trips with accuracy as well as report altitude) I'm left wondering what the phone's worthful points are?

    I have also loaded 2.3 Gingerbread on it (and yes the compas does not work now) and am thinking of going back to 2.2 Froyo to get that back.

    I'm strongly inclined to convert back to Nokia
  17. pellicle

    pellicle Member

    great, so you can leave your phone on your desk as an ornament for 1 day 10 hours ... and if you then get a call it'll die on you

    how functional

    I can see why you say this isn't good enough for you.

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