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  1. tmorales509

    tmorales509 Active Member

    First i want to ask a question about the original battery that comes with the phone. So the first week or so i had this phone the battery life seemed decent, however over the last couple days my phone has been dying VERY fast, after charging 100%, not even using the phone at all, and with the mobile network disabled, over just 1 hour the phone died anywhere from 15-20% in battery left. That is way to much especially with 3/4g off and juice defender running. I have installed a bunch of games and apps since i got the phone so would that cause the battery to die that fast even if they cant access the network since the network is off?

    Secondly, i was looking at the extended batteries and was wondering and guess the answer is no?. But I will not be able to use my current cover that i have on my phone(body glove) am i correct?

  2. Watagump

    Watagump Well-Known Member

    I have the Seidio battery and had to cut my TPU case to be able to use it with the larger back plate. So now its mostly just a piece going around the sides of the phone for better grip, it works fine, but just isn't very pretty when looking at it from the bottom. Most likely yours wont work either.
  3. fisterkev

    fisterkev Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you haver a runaway app. Check in settings to see what apps have been running.

    And ditch juice Defender. Apps like that and task killers are completely unnecessary and just kill even more battery. Android manages itself more efficiently without them.
  4. tmorales509

    tmorales509 Active Member

    ok so i deleted some apps but here is what i have running now. Ill see what happens now.

    gauge battery widget
    words free
  5. tmorales509

    tmorales509 Active Member

    Thanks for the tips.
  6. tmorales509

    tmorales509 Active Member

    I just ended up resetting to factory since i was getting so pissed about how fast it was dying, it is now holding charge pretty good again. And i will monitor every app i install now.

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