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  1. kebhow

    kebhow Member

    I've been using my brand new legend for a week and a very annoying issues is the battery drains so quickly. Sometimes I unplugged it, then use it normally all day (<1 hour playing games, 30 minutes browsing, twitter and ebuddy, texting, very few calls), and in about 8 hours the phone already asked to connect the charger... are getting the same battery life? please tell me how long your phone survived and how you use the phone at that time...

    As for the second issue, I want to know how to choose to ONLY CONNECT to 2G Network (GPRS, EDGE), and not connect to 3G? Because I've heard that limiting connectivity can save battery and I don't use 3G that much anyway...

    Those are some of my questions, please answer them or any opinions will be appreciated. Thanks !!!!

  2. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

  3. starlinguk

    starlinguk New Member

    settings -> wireless & networks -> mobile networks -> network mode -> gsm only
  4. kebhow

    kebhow Member

    thx for the responses...

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