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  1. tnunez

    tnunez New Member

    My husband and I just got the MyTouch 3G Slides yesterday, I did as the sales associate told me and waited for my battery to be "red" before charging and so did my husband. I charged it until it was "charged" last night and didn't use the phone once after it was charged (as we I was sleeping) I woke up and the battery was only at 56% ... how is it possible for it to die that much without being used? My husbands was dead this morning too and he of course wasn't using his while sleeping... are the battery lifes this bad on these? I will be using mine a lot for work ect. and he doesn't use his so much during they day maybe a call or text here or there, but I need to make sure that they are going to last as I don't want to have to carry a charger with me everywhere I go and my husband doesn't have the capability to charge his throughout the day at work... any suggestions?

    I did get the task killer app today so I don't know if that will help if I kill everything after I use the phone?

    Any suggestions would be great as we are used to having phones that only need to be charged either over night or every other day.

  2. mulletcutter

    mulletcutter Well-Known Member

    try and chargeit while off, you could of had some stuff running eating your battery
  3. tnunez

    tnunez New Member

    It charged just fine, it was that it just used up battery when I was sleeping not using it, I am wondering if the task killer will help if I kill all tasks when I go to bed and it'll save the battery life.
  4. mulletcutter

    mulletcutter Well-Known Member

    give it a shot... can't hurt

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  5. tnunez

    tnunez New Member

    Woke up again to only 77% battery life after charging it to 100%... and killing all applications....very annoying that I am going to have to charge my phone over night AND during the day!
  6. KenZiva

    KenZiva Member

    Did you check that you have these off?

    -WiFi (and/or 3G, EDGE, etc)
    Also, dim the light.

    When I rooted my phone, I put in CyanogenMod's ROM and it included 5 buttons:
    WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Backlight. I turn all of those off (I don't have 3G, I use WiFi and I use my phone with the lowest backlight setting.

    (Get these apps to help you from the Market. All are free unless stated.)

    For the backlight, use Brightness Toggle Widget. It'll let you dim it so you can save more juice (it really makes a difference.)

    For the rest, search for toggle widget. You'll find lots!

    (If you'd rather pay to get them all in one pack, search for androidlet toggle widget. It's like a buck and it lets you customize.)

    Now, just in case, you place a widget by doing a long press on the home screen and selecting widget. Find the one you want and place it. Hope that helps!! Anything you need, send me a message and I'll try and reply as soon as possible.
  7. stevena1844

    stevena1844 New Member

    Heres the fix. The problem is that the tmobile contact backup system is running all the time and causing the battery to go dead. This is addressed and fixed with the update that is currently rolling out. If you have no gotten the update yet go into the menu and then settings then accounts and sync. Scroll down to tmobile and tap it then uncheck the sync contact button and voila battery great again. Now just a heads up if you see the 2 arrows in a circle on top it means it is syncing again even though you told it not to. Just repeat the steps except when you tap tmobile check the box and uncheck again. But once you get the update you will not have to do this again.
  8. twiztid907

    twiztid907 Active Member

    ok heres an idea i dont understand how u dont think of this one. KEEP THE PHONE ON THE CHARGER ALL NIGHT AND TAKE IT OFF RIGHT BEFORE YOU LEAVE! it will not hurt your battery one bit and actually helps it out as it produces more ions.
  9. OaklandR

    OaklandR New Member

    This is an awful and worthless reply that does not address why the battery is being drained.. I'm fully sure the poster knows that you can charge overnight.

    I did some of my own testing with my phone. I have had night where the next day my phone still says 99% after leaving it off the charger all night. Other times it's around 50%. All these tests I was doing were after a reboot with nothing besides the stock apps running.
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