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  1. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    Hi All,

    I really love my Cricket LG Android phone except for the battery life. I removed everything I could and run a task killer. But still get less of day of use out of it before the battery runs down. Does anyone make a bigger battery for the thing? I don't care having a bump out of the back. I just want battery life.

  2. woodgtrplyr

    woodgtrplyr Member

    use juice defender. I get at least a day and a half out of it. It is a very good program!
  3. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

    Turn down the brightness on the phone.
    Don't run twitter, facebook, and any other apps that have auto-notifications. That's a huge battery drain.
    Turn off wi-fi and GPS when not needed. The same goes for auto-sync.
    I can get 13-15 hours solid out of my battery with light texting, browsing, twitter use, and just being sensible about what eats up the battery.

    And you really don't need a task killer. Seriously.
  4. JoeMajestee

    JoeMajestee New Member

    So basically, turn off most of the features of the phone so it can last for a day. Seems like one step forward and two steps back.

    I agree about the task killer, though.

    I haven't found any sort of extended battery, but have seen microUSB "backup" batteries. Anyone have any recommendations there?
  5. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    WOW! Been using Juice Defender for a few weeks now. I actually had my phone last for 1 and a 1/2 days a few times. It appears to shut down the network while the phone is locked, I believe. This makes it really last.

    I also bought a set of Anker 2 x 1600mAh Battery for LG Optimus U, Optimus T, Optimus One P500; LG Expo GW820, GW620; LG Optimus M MS690, Optimus V VM670, LG Thrive, Phoenix + Free Universal USB Travel Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories these and I keep an extra battery in my wallet. For some odd reason the LG battery doesn't want to charge in the charger but no big deal. I just took it out. Plugged the charger in and inserted a battery that came with it and also plugged my phone into that charger so you only take up one ac outlet. The batteries are 1600mAh and I believe the old one is 1500mAh. Now, with the other fully charged one in my wallet, I now have a full day out without worrying about charging.

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