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  1. crocodoyle

    crocodoyle Member

    First post! I got a Charm after my old Touch Pro 2 was stolen, and I really liked it at first!

    However, I have noticed that the battery life is woefully inadequate... it sometimes does not get me through the day, and nobody has micro USB cables. In battery usage, it appears that "cell standby" and "phone idle" are the main sinks for the lithium ions.

    Has anyone got any tips on how I could extend it a bit? Or maybe purchase a higher-capacity battery?

    I've also got some performance issues, but that's probably due to the ridiculous number of contacts I have.....


  2. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Here's an ongoing discussion over at motorola's support forums:

    It's a known and common issue about the crappy battery, if you're with T-Mobile you would have gotten a spare battery which everyone would swap to despite how chubby it makes the back look, Telus never provided one which bugs me. Looking around for a BT7X without any luck, making me think there's no such BT7X other than with the T-Mobile charm, however people has managed to get a Motorola Q's BP90 (probably what the BT7X is) to fit in there and operate as normal and the BP90 is 1800mAh.

    Oh also search for a flight mode scheduler on the Market and set it to go on at night and turn off in the morning if you leave the device on all the time. Studiokuma's flight scheduler works great.
  3. matteosg

    matteosg New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I use adb shell to remove voicecommands.apk from /system/app + switched battery to smart mode & the battery now last longer. Usually the battery level goes to 10-20% after 6 hours (I have 3G data & wifi on with about 10 calls and a lot of smses) It lasted 18 hours with 20% left. I'll monitor for a few more days.... (please note that my Charm is a asia set & it doesn't have motoblur)

    Besides removing voicecommands.apk, I also remove the following:-


    I'm pretty sure Voicecommands.apk is the culprit cos thats the last one I removed.

  4. Tubby2015

    Tubby2015 New Member

    Hello, I know this post is from a while ago but I really need help.
    My battery life on the charm is very annoying, and even if I turn the wifi off or whatever it still sucks. I tried calling motorola but they just told me to turn the wifi off. Is there ANY other battery with a higher mAh I can use? I don't have an extended battery cover.
    I am such a noob to adb as well. So would I need some sort of USB cable to try adb?

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