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  1. jim011

    jim011 New Member

    The first couple days the battery life was great. Then one day at work I notices how fast the battery was dropping and at the end of the day it was at 4%! I thought maybe it was because I left it charging over night. And so today, the same thing but it wasn't as bad. It was at like 40% ... usage were cell standby 76%, display 16%, idle 4%. Im thinking it was the cell standby that was draining it so fast. I read that 4G can drain batteries fast as well. Any suggestions or clues?

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Best Answer
    if cell standby is that high, this means that you have spent some time in an area where your phone is getting particularly poor reception. For example when used in an area with good reception this should not be much over about 8-10%.
  3. jim011

    jim011 New Member

    yeah thats what i was thinking as well. im working in a warehouse this summer, and maybe im not getting a good connection in there. think i'll just turn on airplane mode while working.
  4. nadiyanj

    nadiyanj New Member

    same issue for me too battery draining very fast
    first few days its ok
  5. MNKB

    MNKB Member

    Same here, I have been using ion since the last few days, the battery is getting drained too fast even thou the signal strength is perfect. May be I have to wait for couple of days.

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