Battery life on the Eve

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  1. Mister H

    Mister H Member

    I've noticed that the phone lasts, with no use, for about 24 hours. which is ridiculous. Is this an Android thing or a result of all the LG/Rogers bloatware i can't uninstall?

  2. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    I had a short argument with the tech support when i called in regards to the battery life. I told him that I just got the phone for a day and the battery drains like hell. At night before going to sleep, it was at 98 % and after 7 hours later, the battery was at 67%. I said this is unacceptable. Then he went on and said it's normal because it's a smartphone. I told him that I also have a dream and they are not behaving the same manner. There's no way a phone on a standby will drained almost 30%. I told him that i am going back to the Rogers store to exchange the battery and that seems to solve the problem.
  3. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    Try to kill unwanted process & see how it works! i hv downloaded ATK from market place - works great.
  4. Crash27

    Crash27 Well-Known Member

    I to have noticed my battery is not holding a charge either, I just got mine about 4 weeks ago and I charged it up all night, I got up unplugged it and turned it on and I never even used it, It sat on my desk all day, I heard a beep so I thought I had a sms and when I looked it was warning me that I was at 11%, I even checked Task Manager and nothing was running and today it was the same thing again, I hope that Rogers will replace the battery in it, or the phone for I have been having other issues to.
  5. drowned.rat

    drowned.rat Active Member

    Well....with heavy use my phone was lasting from unplug when I wake up (6am) to bedtime (10pm) - that's 16hrs.
    When i changed the settings to check my email, twitter, and Facebook accounts as often as the device would let me, my battery life was cut to almost half of that - 8hrs.
    I have since changed it back to every half hour, and the battery life has returned to 12-24hrs.

    Hence, the way you set up your Eve significantly affects your battery life.
  6. Keener

    Keener Member

    I don't even bother activating the GPS unless I'm plugged into my car charger... A process killing app is a must have too.
  7. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    this is new for me charging a phone nearly every night. i charged it last night 100% full at 6am, now 9pm 60% so there is no way i can stretch this out for the next day, maybe but would be cutting it close. my usage is moderate not real heavy.does anyone know if they make 'tips' from mini-usb to micro usb? was thinking i could use my old chager for the car that is mini-usb.
  8. loustar0480

    loustar0480 Member

    I have the same problem - altho my phone is already set up to update twitter, email etc whenever. Will try unsetting that and if it doesnt improve will be contacting my provider for a new battery!
  9. morrise18

    morrise18 Member

    I just got my Eve last week. It is lasting me for about 4.5 days on a charge while using (doing anything out of the locked standby) the phone about 30-45 minutes a day. Wifi and gps off unless i need it. I don't have any gimmicky apps installed either. Not sure if it is just that my battery is brand new or what.
  10. Palantir

    Palantir Member

    I talked to Rogers tech support last week about this and the answer is "They will not replace the battery..."

    It seems that with moderate levels of use, 24hrs seems normal to them?

    They will replace the battery if the usage cycle decreases or degenerates.

    Still my old BB Curve would last at the very least 48hrs...
  11. loustar0480

    loustar0480 Member

    Maybe there is a particular lot of batteries that were sub-standard - I got my eve new a week ago, and its NEVER done a day without needing a charge. Are you in the US or elsewhere? I am UK but seem to be having the same problems as the rest of the users on this board, so that would disprove my argument I guess... but would be interesting to know where yours was from. Mine was from virgin. I put it on airplane mode overnight to prevent email updates waking me up and using too much battery and it uses nearly a quarter of the battery to do that! A normal days use means I'm running for the charger around mid afternoon. Would be a lot easier to manage if they provided a car charger with the handset... although I was very impressed its one of the makes that are doing the mini usb chargers!
  12. morrise18

    morrise18 Member

    I got mine from Rogers in Canada. When i first got it, I charged the battery fully then let it drain till the phone couldn't even turn back on then, i let it charge again and did the same. I don't know if that makes any difference but I remember hearing it is good for the battery. Is it possible that it's just your battery level indicator? Or does it actually shut down? Like i said earlier I can last at least 3 whole days with one charge on mine. Normally more than 4. I don't have it checking alerting me about new emails, if that matters. I also don't have any "realtime" widgets. I am also not on 3g speeds where i live.
  13. davidomackay

    davidomackay Member

    This seems like the best solution.

    I'm very disappointed with battery life. I would expect at least 24 hours of battery life, but I get less than 16 hours it would seem on just standby mode with all the apps I've installed.

    I don't want to get rid of my apps either so will see. I've never had to manage battery life on previous phones. (Mine was Sony Ericson)

    There are just to many things I'm not getting use to... even after having the phone for 4 weeks now.
  14. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    for a 1500mah battery this is crazy how it eats it up;

    i found a little trick that can make the battery life last a bit longer. what i have done is don't turn it off when going to bed and charge it from the computer (if you keep yours on) or plug into an ac outlet. then when done charging or next morning it's ready to take with you just unplug it. that way the phone does not need to boot up and it does not eat battery loading all that bloatware/updates as phone as it first starts on a fresh boot up. just run your task killer if anything loads through the night. i have seen on my phone it can save 10-12% of battery doing this method. i think it helps a little and thought i'd share that.

    does anyone know when is the 10,000 mah battery coming out ?? lmao
  15. tigersunlimited

    tigersunlimited New Member

    To be totally honest, smart phones are notorious for battery life, if you use:
    1) 3G Data Connection
    2) Push/Pull email (Gmail/Exchange)
    3) WiFi turned on
    4) GPS turned on

    I used an HTC Dream and I'd be lucky if it last from 8am to 12 midnight. That's what you can expect from a smart phone that is active on the data connection.

    However, I've read posts that if you rooted your EVE, you can install SetCPU that can slow down the CPU clock when idle and conserve battery. Maybe a good solution to try?
  16. KittyKat

    KittyKat Member

    Hi, how do I find the Task Manager on my Eve? I somehow think I've closed all my browsers and somehow that's not always the case... I get notifications from facebook or hotmail which means that I'm still online and that = me spending money needlessly.
  17. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    There is no task manager installed on the eve oem.

    You have to look for "task killer" on the android market. :)
  18. KittyKat

    KittyKat Member

    Thanks, got it!

    Is it possible that every single app is open - and I mean ALL of them! Facebook, MSN, Email, Apps I dwnld from the Market like
  19. RaymondR

    RaymondR Member

    I have had my LG Eve for one week and the battery seems to be lasting OK.
    The last time I charged it was when I rooted it Saturday evening, so by midnight tonight it will have lasted about 3 full days. The battery meter states 44% remaining.

    There were a few apps that kept starting before I removed them from the phone (Telenav GPS, and Moxier Mail Client) and they probably consumed some of the battery; I use Task Panel Lite (it is an app killer), and I make sure that the only thing running is Task Panel Lite.

    Since I am over the wowee factor now (ok fine it is still pretty wowee!) and using it like my previous phone the battery life seems good, although since I have WiFi at home and work there are times when it is very handy to check my Gmail account and surf a bit (I don't have a data plan).

    Since it is essentially a small computer I didn't mind tweaking it a bit to get a bit of extra life out of the battery, but isn't it typical of the Seller to provide a phone (or computer phone) with all kinds of bloatware?
    This is just like buying a laptop from a big spend 3 hours after getting it removing useless software.
  20. KittyKat

    KittyKat Member

    I've gotta ask, and excuse my ignorance, what is "rooting"?
  21. RaymondR

    RaymondR Member

  22. KittyKat

    KittyKat Member

    As fun as that looks Ill probably just screw up my phone soooo I'll just let it be for now. Thanks though! :)
  23. Mr. Pepper

    Mr. Pepper Member

    I had the problem as well with battery life, I wasn't as impressed with it, but the main things to turn off are the GPS,

    Settings - Security & location - Enable GPS satellites

    And the HSPA connection also eats battery life, when I am just using the phone for regular browsing or mail/msn'ing I keep it on Edge/GPRS.

    To switch between the two, in Dialer hit *#*#4636#*#* (4636 spells INFO)

    This will bring you into a "Testing" Menu
    Under Phone Information scroll down to "Set Prefered network type" and select GSM only. This will slow down your network speed, but double/triple your battery life.

    To turn HSPA back on, go into the same menu and select "WCDMA preferred"

    I just wish there was a widget that could quick select between the two...

    Again, its a trade off between network speed and battery life, as most of the time my phone is idle in my pocket, I want the battery life.

    Hope this helps,

    Please note, I don't know what the OTHER settings adjust yet, so I don't suggest touching them either unless YOU know what you are doing.
  24. ragnarag

    ragnarag New Member

    the Task manager did the thing for me. 3 days of batterylife, this use to bee 16 hours.

    Auto kill feature in the task manager is great.
  25. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    hi there, i got the Eve a few weeks ago as well, and am definitly disappointed in the batt. life as well.

    and a few minutes ago, I was charging the phone (phone off), checked on the status, and it froze on me, couldn't do anything, tried power button, dis-connected charger, nothing @ all, so I just popped the battery out and in.... charging again now...

    but just a question for you in regards to ""Set Prefered network type" and select GSM only. This will slow down your network speed, but double/triple your battery life."

    how much of a difference will it affect your network speed, is it minor enough you can just leave it on GSM and notice not much in change in speed, or a big difference you'll definlty need to change back and fourth.


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