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  1. ShAaShAy

    ShAaShAy New Member

    hey guys, i'm new around here..
    i just bought the One V like 4 days ago, on the 5th. i thought i'd post about its battery performance.
    okay, to begin with, the standby is absolutely amazing! in each of my 8-9 hour sleep, i had NO FALL IN %..! it was the way i left it! (i also had wifi n auto sync off, along with data services off)
    surfing the web here and there, texting moderately to heavily, and a few calls with wifi on and off every once in a while, i'm on 18% right now n i've used it 1d 16h 25m! :D :D :D
    i'm pretty happy with its overall performance..for a single core, it's not bad at all.

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  2. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    Low cell radio standby is already possible on other phones (like LG Optimus V & Motorola Triumph) if the ROM doesn't have a lot of bloat installed. A recent published study showed that a majority of battery drain is from apps that serve ads and other useless stuff in the background. So if that's cleaned up, most Android phones are capable of low idle drain and long battery time. I avg 3-4 days between charges on my Optimus V.
  3. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    So who has this for sale? What service provider? Hopefully MetroPCS will get it soon. Also, how much did it cost?
  4. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

  5. raglare

    raglare New Member

    Well, the battery life is fine as you said but non removable battery is a turn off.
  6. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing at first but now I don't care. I'm quite pleased with it.
  7. Maruuk

    Maruuk Member

    Mine lasts about one lousy day on standby. I guess the trick is you have to turn everything OFF but the phone itself, right?
  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Try GSAM Battery Monitor and see if it can help pinpoint the problem.

    If you're losing power to signal searching, you may have a bad phone. Turn the phone to landscape mode to read the graphs more easily.

    Check out the options under the app view, see if you have an app holding it awake when you think it's on standby.
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  9. Maruuk

    Maruuk Member

    Thanks, EM, much appreciated, I will do just that! That might explain a lot, I'm in a very marginal reception area at home and expect the phone is constantly seeking and not finding even in standby.
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  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Open Signal Maps can tell you if you are tower hopping - first connected here, then there, here, there... That's a definite battery eater.
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  11. Maruuk

    Maruuk Member

    Not tower-hopping, there's only one tower and I only get one intermittent bar. Thus the seeker keeps seeking all night, on/off, on/off. That ought to kill the batt pretty good. I'll just keep it off when I'm here.
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  12. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    My display uses 97% or so of my battery consumed. Always. This troubles me. Thoughts? I know display can use up a lot, but that much, ON ALL THE WAY DIM?
  13. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Are you dying fast or slow? How many hours of screen on time are we talking here?
  14. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    I just got the phone today. I haven't drained it all the way yet because I've had it plugged into USB off and on doing things. But right now I've got an hour and a half usage, and I'm at 82%.
  15. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator


    To be honest, I never trust my battery statistics until I've used a phone for about 3 days or so. I can't resist checking them! :) But until I'm settled in, I find that the stats aren't trustworthy.

    Keep an eye on it, post back as go along, let's see what you get. :)
  16. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    Will do. I just got it for $50 on the cyber Monday sale to replace my phone that got bricked a couple days earlier (talk about good timing). But I really like it actually. It's a good little phone for what it is.
  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Nice (the fifty not the brick lol).

    I've always had good luck with HTC.
  18. Zombie591

    Zombie591 Well-Known Member

    I got mine on black Friday. Conveniently bricked my LG on thanksgiving lol but I worked a ten hour shift the other day. Music all the way through, and Facebook and internet on my frequent smoke breaks. Left work at 35%
    The ROM might play a role there. And under clocking when screen is off.
    All in all I am very happy with this phone.
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  19. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    Well the battery seems pretty good. Lasts the day with moderate usage. On standby, while screen is off, it's amazing. Could go 5, 6 hours and only lose 3 or 4 percent. The screen drains a LOT though while it's on. More than any phone I've had before. But overall, it evens out.

    Side note, this is also the most unstable phone I've had in terms of flashing things. Just rooting it alone made it start acting up. Tried simply changing the notification bar icons with Rom toolbox, wouldn't work at all. Tried flashing a kernal just to overclock, threw it into bootloops. Couldn't keep it on for more than a few seconds so I could set the overclock to a lower level. Booted into recovery to restore my backup, said md5 sum mismatch. I was totally soft bricked. Had to do a RUU restore to save it. Would not try rooting this phone again.
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  20. jkbbna

    jkbbna Active Member

    I've had to spend the last several days at home ill and so I got a chance to spend a lot of time using my new One V and I'm very happy with its battery. Some six straight hours of Netflix streaming via wifi, regularly checking and responding to email, Twitter, FB etc. Several more hours of radio listening. Battery managed to make it through all of that before heading into the yellow zone.

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