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  1. Eloquence

    Eloquence Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    For those of you who are migrating from BlackBerries, welcome to the wonderful world of Android! I am a DX owner, but I have a couple of tips that will help you get immense battery life out of your DPro.

    If you are willing to -- ROOT. You can get a lot more out of your phone if you do this simple procedure. :D

    1) Download JuiceDefender immediately and use the widget to turn off mobile 3G data. This will increase your battery life CONSIDERABLY.

    2) As said before turn off all radios you are not using (GPS, Bluetooth Wifi, 3G when necessary)

    3) Buy setCPU ($3) and set it up so that your phone, when the screen is off, defaults to the lowest mHz possible (300 mHz I believe), and when your battery gets below 30% or so limit it to 800mHz or 600mHz max. ***Root Required***

    4) Get rid of all task killers! These do not help at ALL. There is only one program that you need to manage memory and that is Autokiller ($3). Read about it. It is NOT a TASK KILLER just a memory manager. ***Root Required***

    5) Get rid of live wallpapers and/or widgets that are intense on the data using 3G radios.

    6) Get that extended battery, when it arrives, if you have the $$. The one for the X is WONDERFUL (1.5x the battery life).

    That's all I got for now. If you have any quesitons, give me a shout on this thread or PM me. We can squeeze so much juice out of your phone, but it has to be done right. :cool:

    ***Unrelated*** The stock launcher tends to get slow after a couple months use of adding apps and what not. Get either LauncherPro or ADW to keep things quick. ;)

    Good luck!

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  2. TheAlmightyDrew

    TheAlmightyDrew Well-Known Member

    I also read that if you don't plan on going overseas, and just want this phone to be a work phone in the United States, you should switch the coverage signal from Global to CDMA. That does wonders for the battery life.
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  3. S.Warren

    S.Warren Member

    Wow this is great to know. I don't have the droid pro yet, but i have been reading up on it and this is the kind of stuff that i need to know. THANKS ELOQUENCE!! AND THE ALMIGHTY DREW!!!....keep it comin!!
  4. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    Great idea, never would have thought of that.
  5. flash24

    flash24 Well-Known Member

    Great info, thanks.
  6. pfcjs

    pfcjs Member

    Hey Eloquence, I have been trying to add a calendar widget with the scrolling agenda feature to my Pro similar to the one that came on my HTC. Well I the ones I have found on the market called for me to add the LauncherPro or ADW Launcher to make the widget scroll in agenda view. I tried downloading the LauncherPro and it really screwed things up and only game me 3 home screens. I could not find the ADW.launcher that it stated to download. Do you have any pointers or who is the ADW.launcher published by? Thanks for any advice you can give me, I need my scrolling agenda view back!
  7. mlclm

    mlclm Well-Known Member

    The calendar widget that comes with launcher pro lets you switch to a scrollable agenda view. I'm not sure why it only gave you three homescreens but you might want to try reinstalling it.
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  8. JediSamReye

    JediSamReye Well-Known Member

    So i just got this phone yesterday and my bat life hasnt been that good so im going to see how this goes now that i have switched it over to CDMA. ill replay back tonight with how it did
  9. pfcjs

    pfcjs Member

    Is this the LauncherPro with a yellow icon with a house in it on the market screen when I go to download it? It says the name of the developer is Federico Carnales, is this the correct one? Thanks...
  10. aohus

    aohus Well-Known Member

    yes thats the one. when it asks if you want launcherpro to be your default home screen, check it and click yes.
  11. JediSamReye

    JediSamReye Well-Known Member

    Im glad this has to do battery life! lol
  12. d4ster3

    d4ster3 New Member

    thanks for the tips, Im new to the forum and a new droid user... of course the Verizon ppl made it seem like Advanced Task Killer was a must and they installed it before I ever got it.. after reading this it seems I need to uninstall ATK correct?? my only question is, without ATK how do u close running programs? im use to BBs so dont rip me plz!
  13. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    Just don't worry about it.
  14. JediSamReye

    JediSamReye Well-Known Member

    The switching from global did seem to help a little, i had it burn through battery life, like 30 percent in about 30 mins just in my pocket with nothing going, and then i did a power cycle and then i received about 7 texts once back on and then power was fine after that, so if you are speeding through a bat restart once seen if that fixes it too

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