Battery life problem?

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  1. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    So I have this phone and am just trying to sell it but I feel like it has some sort of internal problem that sucks through the battery not to do with the battery itself. My original battery would last about a day without hardly even turning the phone on at all. I recently ordered a brand new battery thinking it was the problem, but I am still noticing a gigantic battery drain. Is it possible that something is messed up with the hardware of this phone that is causing it other than the battery itself?

    I bought it used off of Kijiji, and just want to sell it again, but I feel the person I bought it from probably sold it to me knowing there was an issue with this phone. I am saying this because everywhere else I have read that the battery life is good... but not for me.. ???

  2. jpwarrior

    jpwarrior Member

    I just warrantied mine for problem very similar to this. Mine is actually discharging so fast that it's getting so hot you can't hold it without it being painful. First happened to me last Monday while it was in a pocket in my scrub pants. Not sure if it's repairable either.
    Seems to be a common issue with this phone.
  3. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    I am going to try rooting to CM7 tonight. Just to give everyone an example of what my battery usage is I currently have the phone on without a sim chip in it... I had it plugged in and fully charged by 10pm last night, at which point I unplugged it. By noon today the phone was dead, and this is just the phone sitting there doing nothing without a sim chip. It's completely ridiculous, so I'm going to see if CM7 won't help it at least a little bit.
  4. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    So I'm working on the root/install right now, and I will report back if that changes anything, but something else I've noticed is that the battery itself isn't exactly the most secure i've ever seen in the holder. Since a decent number of people have a battery life issue and there are others that don't at all, is it possible the battery drains in a different way when the battery isn't quite sitting properly in the back case? I don't know, just something I was thinking, as I'm just trying to get a phone functioning that I paid $200 for.
  5. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    I fixed this issue and found it was the following:

    When I factory reset my phone, I had my sim chip inserted but did not connect to a wifi or data network, doing so allowed me to skip motoblur registration. In so doing I found the battery life without being connected to the motoblur service is remarkably better than when motoblur is running all of whatever it runs in the background of this phone. From being charged prior to my 8 hour work shift to the end of the shift, after moderate phone use, the battery was down only 20%. Upon coming home I decided to log into motoblur to test battery life with it on. After an 8 hour sleep the battery was down to 30%. That's a 2.5 times greater battery drain with motoblur on than without... ridiculous, but problem solved. Factory reset phone without connecting to a network to skip motoblur, enjoy far better battery life.
  6. roadkizzle

    roadkizzle Well-Known Member

    A question I'm wondering then is what did you have set up within Motoblur? Did you have a substantial amount of social networking set up with Motoblur?

    When I was using my Atrix, I logged into Motoblur, but did not let it know that I had facebook, twitter, or any other social networking accounts. It never tried to sync any of that data and so I had great battery life.

    I did have the separate facebook app, but I always kept that separate from the rest of my phone and would not even allow it to find address book photos.
  7. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    The only service I had set up with Motoblur was Facebook. I wouldn't say the battery life is incredible on this phone regardless, but it is now substantially better with Motoblur not connected. I'm sure if I messed around with the phone more I could get better battery mileage but being that my HTC last about twice as long out of the box without tweaking anything I haven't bothered to spend the time.
  8. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    You will also find that how often it updates will drain the battery faster too. Use the stock Task Manager and add the 3rd party apps. to the auto end list for when your screen turns off. This will help save battery. I use Motoblur and like it. I use it only for 2 email acct.'s and the news widgets. I use the Facebook app. separate.

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