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  1. Conundrum1984

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    Hello all.

    I am first off very sorry if this has been gone over before. If so, email all the thread links to this issue you can and either lock or delete this thread.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 $G LTE with US Cellular. I have a 15 minute drive to work and on that drive, I'd rather have my phone by my side than left at home so please do no suggest this option. Anyway, I have to leave my phone in the car when I go into my workplace. I live in Western Maryland and in the Summer, I have seen it in the 90

  2. El Presidente

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    Cold is generally better than hot and it's the battery that's the main problem. This explains things a bit: Discharging at High and Low Temperatures – Battery University

    If you can't take the phone in to work with you, based on the above, could you take the battery out (if the phone has a removable battery) and take it in to work with you where I presume the temperature is more reasonable?
  3. Conundrum1984

    Conundrum1984 Member

    Thank you that article does help. Another thing bothering me is, should I leave my phone turned on or off while stored in the car? If I felt right leaving my phone at home I would, but I've seen a lot of crap go wrong along this drive. Not just with me, but others on the road.

    Lately, I've been turning the phone off no matter what the temp. is outside for my 8 hour shift. Sometimes I've been known to work doubles as well. The phone turns on fine. I'm more or less worried about the life of the battery. The cell provider I'm with does offer free battery swaps to all of its customers about once a month; so I'm not getting worked up about getting a spare battery and a charger. Just want to get the most out of the one I do have.

  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The Li-Ion battery's temperature operating range is
    for discharging -20C (-4F) to +60C (+140F),
    for charging 0C (+32F) to +45C (+113F).

    So I'd leave my phone turned on, but not charging.

    At least in winter.
    In winter the phone in stand-by could holding some of its warmth ... this is far better than warming up a quite thoroughly cold phone, because it is preventing moisture of condensation while warming up inside the phone.

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