Battery Life - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Does your phone drop 10% quickly in the morning after a full night of charging?

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  1. Mikey P

    Mikey P Well-Known Member

    I agree, my battery life has improved dramatically. I unplugged this morning at 6:30 and am still sitting at 52%. I use my Evo a pretty good bit too, it doesn't just sit there. Before the update I was charging just about every night, which was perfectly fine with me. Now it is really great.

  2. scmobileman

    scmobileman Well-Known Member

    I'm going to give it a few days before I say a lot but last night I lost 51% in five and half hours while sleeping. The phone had been rebooted and all processes (within reason) had been stopped so that's horrible.
  3. chadk881

    chadk881 Member

    Anyone having battery life issues after the phone has been on for a while go under settings>About Phone>Battery under this check your up time vs awake time.. your up time should be a far higher amount of time compared to awake time.... If it is exactly the same or close then you may have an app that is incompatible with froyo that is causing the system to not sleep therefore battery goes away rather quickly... if that isn't issue then idk but since update have seen alot of post where people had this issue deleted a bad app and bam battery issue solved.

    edit: @basso barely though :)
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  4. basso4735

    basso4735 Well-Known Member

    Definitely sounds like it isnt sleeping. Is your uptime and awake time almost identical?

    edit: chad beat me..
  5. scmobileman

    scmobileman Well-Known Member

    That's the first thing I checked and while mine is awake more than it should be it was not awake nearly enough to drain the battery the way it did.
  6. Venkman

    Venkman Member

    I was having great battery life after a hard reset as well as a great uptime to awake time ratio. However, this afternoon after I restarted my phone and all of a sudden my uptime = awake time and battery life began to plummet significantly faster than it had been for the past day.

    I haven't changed anything since the restart. I uninstalled all apps I added and restarted the phone again, but the uptime still = awake time. Checked what's running and nothing out of the ordinary is popping up besides what's stock. I even have background data turned off.

    I have also noticed the lag between portrait and landscape. It takes 2-4 seconds for it to switch now.

    *** Trying another hard reset to see if that remedies the problem ***

    *** Hard reset fixed the uptime to awake time ratio; adding apps/widgets one by one to see which one screws with it***
  7. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    I think Froyo has made improvements for the EVO. Battery is better--I took my phone off the charger at 430AM and its now 1000pm and I have 25% left. Today was a moderate (to say the least) useage day. My "WiFi's" get more "bars," too! :)
    Flash rocks! And the EVO is smoother and faster all around.
  8. Carl6

    Carl6 Well-Known Member

    Please post what you find. My uptime = awake time also (since installing 2.2 this morning), and battery is being eaten alive. Would like to avoid hard reset if possible, but will do so if no other option. If you find an app/widget that is causing the problem, and post it, others can benefit potentially. Thanks.
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  9. I unplugged this handset at midnight with 100% charge at 5am when I woke up I found this. This has never happened before.

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  10. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing your phone's having a pretty hard time finding a signal. You've got 1 bar in all your pics. Perhaps it's unnecessarily staying awake and roaming? Certainly would drain a phone's battery.

    Time for Evo # 4?
    Kidding. Update your prl, profile?

  11. Oh No maybe DroidX and Verizon if this keeps up however.
  12. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Or maybe read the fixes already posted.

    Nah , you just like to complain.

  13. Fixes? Like turn it off and Volla no more battery drain?
  14. What does my issue with Froyo have to do with battery issues from May? Nice job moderating.
  15. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    Wife had a baby yesterday and I was in the hospital for 15 hours before I was able to charge my phone. I would say I used it a lot surfing the web, text messages, pictures, video, emails, text messages, and phone calls. My Android usage on the battery program was about 25% along with a lot of other things and I still had 15% battery left at the end of the day.

    I read more then pleased and surprised at how long I got out of this thing!
  16. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    And folks wonder why you are on probation. But nice try with that forceful thread title.

    Between you and me I am hoping mods saw it just like I did.
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  17. Carl6

    Carl6 Well-Known Member

    Seeing another thread regarding up time versus awake time, I found mine were running the same (they should not be). I uninstalled a dozen apps, powered down the phone, pulled the battery, then fired it back up. Up time versus awake time were now running normally.

    I'm going to watch the battery drain today. If it is back to normal (which was good), I will then re-install the apps one or two at a time until I fine the offender.
  18. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    congratulations buddy!!!

    Ps... congratulations to the new baby too! :p ;)
  19. Venkman

    Venkman Member

    I've been adding widgets and apps one by one since the hard reset last night. Slept 7 hours and I'm looking at uptime to awake time of 9:58:xx to 0:41:xx (made some phone calls, listened to some music and just screwed around a little).

    The widgets/apps I've added and and ran so far are:
    • WeatherBug Elite
    • Astro File Manager
    • Twitter for HTC Sense
    • HTC News Widget
    • HTC Calendar Widget
    • GolfLogix
    • Power Control
    • SportsTap - still good
    • Google Buzz - still good

    I will continue to update this list and post my findings as I add more apps/widgets throughout the day.

    Battery is still >80% after 10 hours of uptime (I know I haven't really used it much because I was sleeping, but this is still way better than what I was getting before when uptime=awake time).

    Furthermore, I haven't done the CDMA trick. I'm seeing how this works out. However, phone was pre-set to CDMA auto (PRL) after the hard reset. I didn't have to modify this.
  20. karong

    karong Well-Known Member

    my battery is a little worse, didnt think that was possible. I took it off the charger 2 hours ago and with very light web browsing, auto sync off, 4 texts, and no calls im down to 65%. that is ridiculous. It dropped 10% within the first hour before i even did anything. BTW my uptime is 20:50 and awake time is 6:27 not really sure what that means tho but i saw a few ppl mention it.
  21. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    That means you it has been 20 hours and 50 Minutes since you last rebooted and out of that 20 plus hours you have used it for 6 hours and 27 minutes total. Have you gone through all of the tips and tricks for battery life? Under Battery and then Battery Use what is your Display percentage and if you press it what is the CPU total time?
  22. karong

    karong Well-Known Member

    Ive tried the battery tips. 4G, wifi, GPS all off. lowered the brightness, manual check my emails, made sure Talk is not running. Those helped a bit but since i upgraded to 2.2 its gotten alot worse. right now im at 52% and its only 11am. Before i could at least made it to 4 or 5pm before i needed a charge.

    3h 3m since unplugged
    android system 39%
    cell standby 20%
    phone idle 16%
    display 13% Time on 59m
    Android OS 10%
    internet 2%
  23. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    so would all the new lifelong memories be in h.264? or 720p then?:D

    quoted the wrong dude, sorry
  24. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    That Android System is high. Sounds like something is getting stuck updating in the background continuously draining your battery. You can search and test to see which app or service it might be but anytime I ever run into something like that with Android I find it is time to do a good backup and Hard Reset. Some people only suggest that as a last resort but I find I spend far less time doing them.
  25. karong

    karong Well-Known Member

    How can I search to find out whats causing it?

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