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Battery Life with & w/out extended batteryGeneral

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  1. Duckstyle187

    Duckstyle187 Member

    Hello all,
    Most likely going to purchase a new phone tomorrow, either a Gnex or a Maxx. Love the Gnex, but the battery life scares me. A guy I know claims to make it from 7am to 5pm on a charge, and to me that's just not good enough. Anyone here use the extended battery, and can give a non-root user an idea of the life in hours during an average day?

  2. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

    I've never used the extended battery, but battery life really depends on alot of factors, the main ones being screen time and network coverage. I'm on LTE, standard battery and get 2-2.5 hours screen time on a full charge (over 12-18 hours, from 100% to 1%), which seems normal form what I've read here. I've heard of folks getting 4+ hours screen time over a 24+ hour period on some combination of custom roms/kernels, battery management apps, and wifi on rather than mobile network.

    On LTE, standard battery, with sync and gps on, stock 4.0.2 ICS, the phone drains 12% of battery over a 8 hour sleep period for me.

    If daily access to / use of a charger is an issue for you, or if you like to be able to use the phone heavily without needing to charge, then you might have a problem with the Gnex (or any smartphone besides the maxx for that matter).

    *disclaimer: I've never used the maxx.
  3. PKayy

    PKayy Well-Known Member

    For the features that this phone gives, I don't think it's worth going to the Maxx. I had to make the decision and I figured if the battery life is that bad, I'll get an external power source, or an extended, or better yet, a second 1850 mah battery with a spare battery charger. (All of these options cost me a maximum of 40 dollars.) I haven't picked up any extra power yet but I'm at 50% with 3 hours of moderate/heavy use. Not rooted, not unlocked, only manager I'm using is JuiceDefender.

    I had 4G LTE on for half the time but my area isn't very 4G supported so I shut it off later on.

    same disclaimer: haven't owned the Maxx but played with it extensively at the Verizon store

    Recently found this, http://www.amazon.com/Anker-5600mAh..._1_4?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1329340986&sr=1-4

    It's probably small enough to charge my Nexus in my pocket.
  4. Duckstyle187

    Duckstyle187 Member

    Thanks for the info, and for not turning this into the flame ware many of these type of threads have become.

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