Battery Life?

  1. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    After having the Legend and the Desire, i thought the battery life would be about the same on the Wildfire. So i am pleasantly surprised that it is actually better on the Wildfire. I know there are several reasons( weaker processor, screen etc) but this is day number 4 since it's initial charge and i will probably charge it tonight. Turning out to be a great little phone this!

  2. Northstander

    Northstander Member

    day 4? heck, i have to charge mine every day!?

    but then i am still playing around with it a lot. have you disabled gps/data connection etc?
  3. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I use sync manually via the power control widget. This is an invaluable little tool in my opinion, also at night i set the alarm and then set the phone to airplane mode which is also good for the battery. The 3g signal in my area is woeful so i set the phone to gsm only.
  4. savvy

    savvy Member

    had my phone for 3days now and the battery life is lame! charge twice a day - overnight and at work!

    This power control widget is cool, i'll give it a go and see what happens, so would you say the 'sync' uses alot of power?

    I'm sure you're all already aware, but searching for power solutions i've found a couple of useful methods of checking what's killing the battery (without having to install additional apps)

    1) to get battery info and usuage dial: *#*#4636#*#*
    ...and it gives you full battery usuage and info including partial awake apps

    2) settings > about phone > battery
    ... this shows the awake time against up time - just to make sure your phone is taking naps :)
  5. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I'm not a heavy user so maybe thats why my battery is good. For those of you who do struggle with battery life, it's worth noting that Mugen Power make an extended one for the Legend. 1800mah should be good enough i think, the Wildfire uses the same battery as the Legend.:D
  6. diggedy

    diggedy Active Member

    dont always be fooled by larger batteries. Some larger ones work at a lower efficiency than genuine ones which are rated lower and actually perform worse. Im not saying the above mugen one will do that but its something worth researching before buying one.

    If you have wifi in your house or work, leave it enabled if you arent planning to disable data or turn airplane mode on. Wifi uses less power than 3g so leaving wifi on permanantly can actually increase your battery life significantly, especially if your phone syncs often.
  7. steviecvr

    steviecvr Member

    how do you set the phone to gsm only?
  8. turfer

    turfer Member

    Stevecvr, if you have a space on a home screen you can add a widget that will easily switch from 2g/3g. Press the +, then widgets, scroll down to settings and press to open up the menu, then add mobile network widget.
  9. steviecvr

    steviecvr Member

    Thanks :D! Got it, very useful widget!
  10. jb1111

    jb1111 New Member

    I bought the wildfire 1 week ago and I'm very disapointed. The battery is so bad that I'm not gonna be able to keep this phone. Should I use the garanty or what?
  11. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    Wha..? Why would someone downgrade from a Desire to a Wildfire??

    The battery is not good really. If you are getting so much from the battery then it is quite clear you don't use it much or at all..... so... erm... why .. er.. get one in the first place? ;-P

    Seriously though, mine goes flat in a day, even if I hardly use it. As a user, I should not have to dick about with it to make it work for longer.
  12. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    I think the Wildfire's battery life is excellent. Yesterday I've been playing with my phone all day (it's new, you know how it is:)) Wifi and Bluetooth was on all the time. Did a lot of surfing, a lot of downloading, while I listened to music all the time, installed and removed apps, and after maybe 7 or 8 hours the battery was still at 60%

    Overall, I am very pleasantly surprised by this little phone!
  13. mhraja

    mhraja Member

    I have bought the phone two weeks ago, I was pretty ok with the battery even when if I have to charge it every night as my whole day passes good with average use.

    But for last two days battery last for 7 hours (without touching my phone). When I see the Battery use 50% of battery is used by Cell Standby. I have no idea what is that? I have stoped all the running programs, MSN, Skype, GMail, GTalk, to prolong the battery life.

    Any help how can I improve batter life?
  14. newandroid77

    newandroid77 Member

    Make sure your GPS is turned off, that was killing my battery. Same with wi-fi when not using it. download advanced task kliller which kills off all runnign programs
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  15. mhraja

    mhraja Member

    Sorry for being noob :confused: but how can I turn off my GPS. Yes my WiFi was on and I have turned it off.
    I have downloaded advance task killer to find that half of the programs installed on my Wildfire were running, not being showed by phone
  16. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

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  17. scrapbook

    scrapbook Active Member

    This. No idea what anyone is doing to need to charge twice a day unless you have a faulty battery.
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  18. SamStorer

    SamStorer New Member

    I get 2 days of battery life, and I play around on my wildfire a lot. I use task manager from the market with auto kill on, which conserves a lot of battery life by cutting down the amount of apps running at the same time.
    I also agree with the power control widget, its a good way of saving battery :)
    I also agree with the fact that turning the GPS off is a great way of saving power, and also if you don't use mobile networking (3G/GPRS Internet) turn it off :D
  19. Tambudzai

    Tambudzai New Member

    I just got a wildfire about two weeks ago, the battery life is horrid. If i get 12 hours im extremely lucky, im even afraid to use the FM Radio or listen music on it as that seems to destroy the battery life,:mad:

    I also find that taking pics lowers the battery life too, i think its ridiculous having to charge a mobile phone twice a day, then whats the point of it being mobile?

    I also find that its sticks a lot, and that some of the apps take forever to load, if they do, then force close, whats that? I cannot find some of the apps on my Android Market, i'll deducing that that has to do with my location, maybe?

    But then again maybe im not doing something right, can anyone explain too me how to use/read the power control and the mobile network widget, and if you could also give me some tips on saving battery power that would be great, Thanks
  20. Leijonberg

    Leijonberg Member

    Applications running in the background are hardly using any battery power at all. Although, they use up RAM, so it's still a good idea to shut them down with a task killer app.

    The worst battery drainers are GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Those antennas require a lot of power. Still, Wildfire, Desire and a whole lot more phones have good power saving routines, so when not used, they're not draining battery either.
    Also, if you are located far from a 3G antenna, your phone may use more power to establish a good connection. I don't know if 2G frequencies require less power, but that net is more widely spread, so you'll probably get better reception there.
  21. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

  22. Leijonberg

    Leijonberg Member

    Thanks, that's kinda obvious if you think about it. Android apps doesn't have a 'close' button, because you don't have to close them.

    In short, Android kills low-priority apps automatically if RAM runs low.

    Nice article :)

    Btw, uninstalling task killer now :)
  23. SDes

    SDes New Member

    Hey guys, I went to bed with a full battery and woke up to find it at half power. I checked the battery usage and it says that 93% of the battery has been used by the maps application, however I haven't even used maps since the weekend (now Thursday). I can't find anything online about how to turn it off and I don't want to uninstall it as it is quite useful. Any ideas? :confused:
  24. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Sounds like there was an issue when exiting and its still running in eeh back ground

    Menu>settings>applications>mange applications

    go into Maps and click "Force close"


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  25. SDes

    SDes New Member

    Thank you! I charged it again this morning and it's flat again. Hopefully this will work :)

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