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  1. spatuluk

    spatuluk Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    I bought an X10 Mini Pro based on the reviews of the X10 Mini. In a few reviews, the reviewer said that it lasted nearly 2 days even while being tested. Some of the posts in the X10 Mini forum seem to indicate similar battery life, and that going for even more than 2 days is possible.

    So how come my X10 Mini Pro has gone sub-10% in only 20 hours? :(

    That was with display dimmed to 25%, GPS off, sync off, wifi off, bluetooth off, and silent mode on. There's no apps preventing the phone from sleeping, either. All I've done since the last charge is about 15 minutes of internet browsing, two hours of playing mp3s (screen off), and written one text. Is that considered heavy use? Maybe it's not going to be a replacement for my mp3 player, after all.. :|

    So what's other peoples experience with the battery life so far? Has anyone managed to get more than 24 hours out of it?

    I turned off 3G, and battery life's improved a fair whack! Only down to 79% after 16 hours, with one hour of playing mp3s.

    I don't know how much battery use 3G is supposed to take up, but I do know that searching for a network eats battery like nothing else, and that my 3G connection is VERY choppy while I'm at home - going on and off all the time. Maybe the constant switching between 2G and 3G was eating up the battery.

  2. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    I'm noticing the X10 mini pro is struggling with battery life, more so than the ordinary X10 mini.

    A couple of things suggest that the X10 mini pro needs a firmware update, like the X10 recently got that was meant to fix a number of issues and improve the standby time.

    I haven't tried turning off 3G yet (partly because I want to be able to utilise 3G/HSPA data speeds) but I have noticed that the signal seems to drop quite often - and maybe the antenna on the X10 mini pro is causing the phone to have to search for signal more, re-register more often or simply operate on a higher power level. I have left the phone on a table to ensure it isn't down to me holding the phone in a certain way (ala iPhone 4)!

    I have turned all the Timescape stuff off and other apps are set to manual sync only, so there's minimal background data communication.

    Another thing; Juice Defender doesn't work. It runs, sets itself up but always disables itself - and when you reboot it wants to go through the setup process all over again. Is it just my phone? I say this because I've seen other people say it works - but maybe they meant X10 mini and simply ASSUMED it works on the pro.

    I've been out in Berlin today and took a solar powered charger and the sun has been so strong that I did manage to charge it from 33% up to 90% in under an hour (the charger has its own battery too), which it had dropped to in just 5 hours after taking a number of photos and a few emails and use of Google Maps.

    I am very disappointed so far with the battery.
  3. spatuluk

    spatuluk Well-Known Member

    I managed to get 40 hours out of it in the end, with 3G disabled for 35 of those hours. I started charging when the charge dropped to 14%.

    During the 5 hours that 3G was turned on, my battery dropped from 71% down to 32%! During those 5 hours, the mp3 player was constantly on, scrobbling every 6 minutes, plus 10 minutes of web browsing, 3 texts, a timescape refresh, and I downloaded two apps from the market. Even so; 40% of my battery disappearing seems a bit extreme!

    Hopefully there'll be a fix for the battery issue, but until then I guess I'll have to get used to only switching 3G on when I need it. It's very disappointing.. I really like the phone, but I don't want to live in constant fear of how much battery I'm using. I dread to think what'll happen to the battery if I actually have to call someone!

    I've also noticed that the battery usage history is a bit suspect.. it's got the game 'Abduction' stuck on the list at 4%, despite not having played it since I installed it 3 days ago (and killed the process). Summat's definitely not right..
  4. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to delete the factory installed DEMO games? Can you believe you can play them just once, yet they stay there forever? What was SE thinking?!

    Even if they took up no memory you could use, you're still stuck with the icons somewhere in the menu.
  5. evanayal

    evanayal New Member

    i'm using advance task killer that i've downloaded at the market..and it worked great..
  6. curses

    curses Member

    40 hours? I'm envious!
    Mine hardly seems to last 12 :(

    But to be fair, I have been using it an awful lot. And I seem to observe that the battery performance seems to be getting better with every recharge (have recharged it to 100% only thrice now).. Or it's just me trying to justify my purchase to myself :)
  7. bosshog

    bosshog Well-Known Member

    Im getting 3 day's out of my phone now, before charge up, shut down 3g, data sync, all other battery hog's. Just turn them on when needed. Don't use any task killer apps. I was a bit concerned when i first got my phone because i was getting about 20 hour's before charge, but with some tweaking i think the battery is more then fair.:D
  8. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    ARGHHH! Woke up this morning to low battery because I hadn't selected 'connect to PC' or 'charge only'. If you use the USB cable via the PSU, it charges automatically.

    Have the USB lead via a PC and it has that menu (but you can plug the charger in the screen off) and I forgot this - so it didn't charge.

    Now, I wonder why SE couldn't have it begin 'charging only' and offer the 'connect to PC' option that switches. Why would you ever plug in the cable and want the phone to do absolutely nothing at all?
  9. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

    does adw launcher use more battery than the original or the other way round
    which launcher is better for batter life sony default or adw?
  10. bosshog

    bosshog Well-Known Member

    I think adw, is meant to be a little more friendly on the battery.
  11. murkey

    murkey Member

    Battery life is giving headache..!!! After fullcharge - drain - Full charge...cycles for almost 1 week...Its still giving less than 10 hr backup with 15- 30 min call and 1 hr GRPS browsing...Now i need to carry my old phone to make myself available on call. I am loving it...my Karbonn K444 with charging once in a ~10 days with lot of calls...
    I think i need to buy an extra battery or more chargers..one at office.one in car...one at home...
  12. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Do the firmware update. I managed to get Juice Plotter to tell me I had 25 hours standby earlier after a charge.
  13. ison_machine

    ison_machine Well-Known Member

    disabling data traffic greatly improved my battery performance. just enable it when needed. I already experienced the 40 hr but I cannot do it again. =)
  14. satishvijayan

    satishvijayan New Member

  15. Sarv

    Sarv Member

    Nope, I use juice defender on my mini pro and it work perfectly. It did not ask to be set up since I installed it.
    Maybe your task manager kept on killing it. Look to your task manager and put Juice defender on the ignore list.
  16. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Yes you do have to set it up! You've had to do that for some time now.

    Anyway, this is an old thread and the latest version(s) do work fine on the X10 mini and mini pro.

    I don't use a task manager and have no desire to do so.
  17. grape

    grape Member

    The charging uses almost all the allowed USB bus power and might potentially disrupt other connected devices. That might be why they want the user to confirm a charge.

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