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Battery life

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  1. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    One other question. GSMarena quote the following battery life for the Wildfire -

    "480 hours of stand-by or 7 hours and 20 minutes of talk time in 2G networks, and 690 hours and 8 hours in 3G mode"

    I always thought 3G was more power-hungry than 2G?

  2. [fade]

    [fade] Active Member

    I dont think its possible to have 690 hours of talk time if your stan dy time is max 480 hours. Recheck your data.
  3. Bang Bang Boom

    Bang Bang Boom Well-Known Member

    the battery on this fone is pretty poor anyway. smartphones these days never ever last what is quoted in the press release or being posted around on the internet...
  4. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    Maybe it was written wrong.... should read

    "480 hours of stand-by or 7 hours and 20 minutes of talk time in 2G,
    and 690 hours of stand-by and 8 hours of talk time in 3G mode"

    In other words better standby and talk time in 3G?

    Obviously no they're never gonna last anyway near the manufacturer quoted times but just interested as to how 3G seems be better than 2G.
  5. JamesT

    JamesT Well-Known Member

    Just off the top of my head but is it because for the same amount of data the 2G signal will take more time and therefore use more battery charge.
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Not on voice which is what talk time implies.

    3g connection uses more power than 2g or WiFi
  7. [fade]

    [fade] Active Member

    i use edge, always turned on, all app`s sync automatically and my battery life is around 2.5-3 days with normal usage.
    I disagree that wildfire has poor battery life, on the oposite, for a smartphone it has awesome battery life.
  8. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    2.5 - 3 days? That's amazing for a smartphone. When you say you use edge how do I choose which sort of connection I have?
  9. [fade]

    [fade] Active Member

    if you go to settings > wireless and networks > mobile networks and switch prefered network mode to gsm only, it will use edge, which give you bandwith around 400 kb/s, so if you download sommething expect speed at around 40-50 kb per second.
    I use this mode since most of my data plan goes to syncing, downloading rss feeds, weather update and facebook, so nothing data consuming. If i need high bandwith i just use wifi.
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  10. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    Nice one thanks for the advice. Have done that and noticed at the same time my signal strength has improved too, was on 1-2 bar, now full almost all the time :)
  11. r3dlined

    r3dlined Well-Known Member

    It take me 5.5 hours to drop to 30% on a full charge with no phone calls, no widgets pulling data, and what I would call average Web usage. That seems pretty weak to me. :mad:
  12. bingefeller

    bingefeller Active Member

    My phone would change between HSDPA and 3G (and sometimes to edge) quite a bit depending on the signal. Does this put more of a strain on the battery then? I get a perfect 3G signal strength but HSDPA would only be on 2 or 3 bars when I'm in work...
  13. ianbp

    ianbp New Member

    Got a Wildfire 5 days ago. Giving it back as the battery is appalling. Won't last much more than half a day and I've only made about 10 mins of calls on it so far.
    Absolute rubbish!
  14. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Sorry you're wrong. You just don't know (or havent learned) how to make the most of it yet.

    Its a smart phone. Its not a

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