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battery life

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  1. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    hi guys - just wondering whats the standard battery life you are getting out of your tablet?

    i just have vegan 5.1b installed - so is there anything additional you guys installed to extend the battery life? other tips/tricks to extend battery life?

    i have been mostly using the tablet at home (had it for like 2 days) with the charger plugged in - but get like around 40-50 minute use with wifi on for like 40%battery... is that the standard?

    ---as always thanks for the responses

  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    What? 40-50 minutes? I run Vegan 5.1 and my gtablet lasts with very heavy use (watching flash videos, emulator games, web browsing, etc) for over 5 hrs without having to recharge. My kids use my gtablet to watch spongebob full episodes from nick.com. Maybe your battery stats are off?
    With little to moderate use, my gtablet can last for a few days.

    Why don't you let the battery drain all the way, then fully charge it without using it and see how long the battery lasts.
  3. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    well i also have this sleep of death problem - it shuts itself down when the screen times out, so maybe having to turn it on every 15-20mins is draining some extra battery...

    but ya i will try draining the battery all the way and see what happens

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