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  1. atom04

    atom04 New Member

    I've bought a galaxy w a few days ago. Battery seems to drain so quick. But I don't use it much. Brightness is the lowest right now. Juice defender and samsung's own power saving mod is on. I've lost %20 of the battery in last 4 hours but i haven't used phone. In battery use section it shows that my screen is drains my battery with %50 other things around %6-8 not that much important. What's the problem? I can't figure it out!

  2. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    some apps could be the cause... check the options then battery use.

    my gf has the w and her battery seems to be not bad, charged every night but thats it. also ensure bluetooth and gps are both off!
  3. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    You sync'ing automatically, like Gmail, Gtalk, Viber, FB.

    Turn off Auto-sync.....

    Settings/Accounts & Sync/uncheck Auto-Sync!!!

    Only sync when needed.

    Also, unless you need HiSpeed Mobile Data, turn off Auto GSM/WCDMA....use GSM only.

    Turn off BT and GPS, unless you need them, use Power Control Widget!!!

    Get this App and check which Apps are causing partial Wake-lock, and eating your Battery.

    If you are a member on XDA, for free here, fair use, and no redistribution, also, thank the dev.

    and maybe buy it on Market, if you like it
  4. enO

    enO Member

    med use it gives me 1day 7hrs..
    high usage 14hrs tops mostly playing game

    i dont used power saving mod on my W i think it eat's more batts in my opinion ..
  5. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    How do you reach this conclusion, do you have any stats to support??
  6. kawaiikleyn

    kawaiikleyn New Member

    me too..
    I'd played a couple of run arounds with my W, i have tried to turn off B/T, GPS, lowered screen brightness and my battery life can last up to 2days with medium usage.

    Last time, I'd have to turn off my Power saving mode, B/T, GPS, not to sync automatically, lowered brightness, network mode to GSM only, background data turned off - to turn on when needed, charged it while turned off until battery is full and voila, 4 days it lasted! Love my W!
  7. Dimm

    Dimm New Member

    Is there a replacement battery you could get? I also have this problem. I looked for an anker battery for samsung w but they didn't have one. Does this phone use the same battery as another galaxy samsung? there were lots of samsung batteries but not fir the w.
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  8. bbrian017

    bbrian017 Member

    In general the battery sucks on most android devices nothing like the iphone 4 and 4 s we just have to live with this. It's not the apps we have to stop blaming them, the batteries just suck...
  9. JdhMac

    JdhMac Member

    I just picked up the W last week and was also wondering about the battery life, etc.

    I'll be the first to admit that I don't know enough to come to any valid conclusions, so I'm open to any suggestions.

    Thanks guys,

    Jonathan // JdhMac
  10. fishandchips

    fishandchips New Member

    I have finally solved the battery problem in my Galaxy W. Previously I have tried everything: turning GPS and wi-fi off, dimming the screen, using the standard power saving mode or installing some power saving apps without much success.

    Yesterday I have turned off both background data and auto-sync and it more than tripled my phone battery, going from 7-8 hours to more than 24. Bingo!

    Settings->Accounts and sync->un-check both Background data and Auto-sync (once you un-check Background data the Auto-sync will grey out).

    I am living in the jungle of a third world country where packet data is extremely slow, so it takes long time for my phone to update all the apps and background processes even if the mobile carrier antenna is in front of my room :)eek:).

    So for those of you living in developed countries who have the same problem I suggest either doing the same or, if background data is important, try to switch to a different carrier. Maybe trying for a few days with a pre-paid option before going the full distance.

  11. akirajunto

    akirajunto New Member

    4 days? seriously, man. what battery are you using? Dont tell me it's the stock 1500 mAh battery.

    I turn off BT, GPS, Wifi, background sync, set brightness to lowest, also use a pitch black wallpaper. Only use it for occasionally chat with whatsapp. It only lasts for 10 - 12 hours.
  12. kenwood33

    kenwood33 New Member

    I have the same phone with bt, gps, auto sync etc.. all turned off, if i use the phone standalone without data connection, then it can last for over day. Once I turn data connection on with everything else stay the same (using the app proxy droid), the battery last about 4 hours. So I suspect proxy droid is battery draining? Is there a better alternative app for it?

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