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  1. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Is there a link to it?

  2. steamer86

    steamer86 Well-Known Member

    Directly off their site. Accessories, batteries, LG Spectrum 2. @35% now.
  3. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Usual battery life after a regular day. Is this what is normal? I switched to CM10.1 since then if that matters.
  4. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    I found it, thanks! The $40 one?
  5. steamer86

    steamer86 Well-Known Member

    That's what I paid. I'm currently at 7% (23 hours[maybe 10 of sleep]{moderate use, more on the light side}) on my mostly stock set up, no battery saver. On CM 10.1 I could imagine what I'd be getting. Your battery life seems horrible IMHO.
  6. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    It looks like you have a lot of screen on time. Also it looks like the phone doesn't have a solid signal across that time period. The both of those will cause decreased battery life.
  7. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I think part of it may be due to this battery being damaged. It got wet a couple of weeks ago and it hadn't really shown any immediate effects but I guess it's showing some now. Instead of purchasing a new Spec battery, I'll go with the Spec 2 and see how that works out. I just really hate having to keep my 4G off the entire day just so that it can last me until I can get home.
  8. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Here's me streaming music for 5 hours.

  9. steamer86

    steamer86 Well-Known Member

    Mr.B, how does Juice Defender work for you? Is the difference very noticeable and do you have it difficulty set up? Going to jump to CM 10.1 soon. Also today I got 9 hours of heavy side use on the Spec2 battery. Sitting at 10% ATM.
  10. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Wow, I'm sometimes scared to turn on my 4G to stream play music because I'm afraid it might drain my battery.

    Even though I'm not being addressed :p Juice Defender offers a very noticeable difference in battery life if you set it up properly. It helps a lot by saving you from doing certain tasks such as turning on and off data everytime you unlock your phone. It does this automatically and helped save some battery and time when I had it enabled. The free version helps but the paid versions offer far more customization and settings that may help you with your phone experience. I suggest you read/watch a review or something similar before you buy it though.
  11. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Streaming on LTE isn't as bad as on cdma... Those stats are from streaming on cdma.
  12. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Oh yea... I get an extra 1-2 hours with JD. Of course, I micromanage the shit outta it, but it offers great savings. I can post a screen shot of my settings if you like.
  13. steamer86

    steamer86 Well-Known Member

    That would be nice so I can get a base set up.
  14. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    What should my preferred network type be? It's currently on CDMA auto (PRL) but I don't think that's the original setting. And how do I get it to be on only CDMA?
  15. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    You should be LTE/CDMA (prl).

    Technically, you're always on cdma... LTE is a 2 layer connection, but when there's no lte connection, you'll go to cdma only.
  16. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Here ya go :)

  17. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Had a good run this time, checked text messages a couple of tunes an hour during the day, the phone calls I think, less than 30 total minutes, but I think it was also off a 91% charge, if it had made it one more hour it would have gone into airplane mode for the night and I would have made it another 6 or 7 hours.


    No change from the previous settings used, still stock spectrum battery, on CM10 I did have two random reboots, I think, at least I turned my phone on to see the boot animation loop twice yesterday.

    Those settings are under display - automatic backlight - edit other levels.

    Now if I can find out why maps is running all the time, I might be able to hit 18-24 hours on a charge with almost no phone use... Will have to wait until next week though. I actually use my phone on most weekends :)
  18. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Is there a setting to only use CDMA since it seems to be less power hungry than using both lte and CDMA at the same time

    Edit: Nevermind, I found out myself.
  19. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    These results make me wish my phone would last longer. I unplugged it last night and it drained in 3 hours with WiFi on and moderate usage
  20. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    finndo's results don't count. He turns his screen on for about 1 minute an hour and has data turned off.

    Look at the breakdown. Anytime cell standby is using more battery than the display, you know the phone is hardly ever being used.

    If you want long battery life on your phone then turn off data, only use wifi for internet, keep your screen brightness all the way down, and make sure you don't use your phone for more than 2 minutes an hour. Then you'll get battery life like finndo :]

    *this is not meant to be mean or hostile towards finndo's excellent battery results, I'm just making an observation based off the evidence presented*
  21. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Kinda seems like a waste in an LTE device to me. If you're streaming music, you'll have better life on LTE than cdma... Mainly because the connection has to be active longer on cdma, whereas on LTE, the precache allows it to work in shorter bursts.
  22. steamer86

    steamer86 Well-Known Member

    Finndo, check and see if automatic location reporting and or location history is on. I've used it on and off and noticed the difference in battery usage because of GPS and Wake interval. Thanks Mr.B. There's so much fine tuning to be done on advanced.
  23. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Yeah I found that out for myself earlier. I guess I'll leave it on 4G when streaming music and 3G for other tasks. Would that use up less battery?
  24. xIdkwtS

    xIdkwtS Well-Known Member

    Also, I was going to purchase the Spectrum 2 battery but I wondered if it could be a problem with the phone as well? Both the phone and battery got wet and I don't want to buy a battery to find out that I'll get the same results due to the device.
  25. Zeiro

    Zeiro Well-Known Member

    I had Juice Defender on my LG Esteem before I rooted it, and somehow afterwards JD doesn't work the same way. Even when I turn the connectivity off the screen my battery still drains likw 2% every 30mins. That's with a basic setup.

    Right now I'm 2hrs 27m 19s on my battery

    and I'm already at 88% with moderate use.

    what screenshot app you guys are using?

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