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  1. joseph84

    joseph84 Member

    i just got my tablet and mmy battery says it has 55 minutes 88 percent charged and wifi and screen are at 50 percent usage on battery drain ... is this a android issue or my hardware​

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  2. Tylorw1

    Tylorw1 Well-Known Member

    It is stating that during 55 minutes it has used 12% of the battery. The monitor that tells you the screen and wifi are taking up the most battery is more then likely not accurate.

    I'll find a link to a better monitoring program. Just cant remember is off the top of my head.

  3. joseph84

    joseph84 Member

    please do i am so worried and my battery drains quick though
  4. Tylorw1

    Tylorw1 Well-Known Member


    Go to the first post, under Resource Management there are apps that relate to power monitoring. I would also suggest turning off ASUS sync and GPS. And if you dont use ASUS Sync go into settings, apps, all, and disable ASUS sync. It will increase your battery.

  5. joseph84

    joseph84 Member

    i got warrenty going to return it and try again it drains a percent a minute
  6. Tylorw1

    Tylorw1 Well-Known Member

    Before you return it you should try to just correct it because it will be a week or two before you get one back. try letting th tablet fully discharge, then put it on the charger and dont turn it of for 8 hours. Hopefully it will recalibrate the battery.
  7. joseph84

    joseph84 Member

    thank you i tried that no success though and they have one in stock so i got lucky
  8. joseph84

    joseph84 Member

    i really appriciate your help really do

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