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  1. kendelrk

    kendelrk Member

    I just bought the xperia Z1s from tmobile two days ago. Upon taking it out of the box i depleted the battery to 1% and began to charge up again, i unplugged yesterday around 11 in the morning and my phone is still going strong, i will post screenshots when its time to charge again. How has the battery been for you guys?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Charge until the phone tells you to take the charger out. Use the phone normally until the phone tells you to charge it. Do that for 3 full cycles. Then you won't be back in a year complaining that your battery is dead.

    And NEVER bring it down to 1%. A few more minutes and the safety circuit inside th battery opens up, and your battery becomes toxic landfill. Charging a completely dead lithium battery is extremely dangerous (as in fires and explosions - ask Sony about burning batteries), so there's a circuit in the battery that disconnects it from the world if you discharge it too far.

    Trial runs have shown (see Battery University for the studies) that the longest life occurs when you charge the battery (except for the first 3 runs) when it gets down to about 50% charge. I can attest to that. My Motorola V551, made around 2004, still runs on its original battery, It's my "pop in the SIM and go" phone when my daily driver has a problem. Ten years (or more - I might have grabbed in the fall of 2003 - I don't remember when it was released) and after sitting for about a month, I just turned it on to check the battery - full bars.
  3. kendelrk

    kendelrk Member

    I usually only deplete to 1% when i get it out of the box, after that i charge it when it reaches 15% every time. Saying that i have gotten some great battery life from this phone and have really enjoyed using it as my daily driver

    Pictures #1, 2, and 3 show a day of light usage

    Picture #4 shows my phone idling on airplane mode all through school

    Pictures #5, 6, 7, and 8 Shows a day of heavier use

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  4. supercad79

    supercad79 Active Member

    I can get about a day and a half between charges. I have everything turned on (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth) and using a live wallpaper. I wonder how far I could stretch it by turning all of that off.
  5. ios2droid

    ios2droid New Member

    Just switched to xperia z1s from iPhone and this battery is awful. Xperia never tells me when to disconnect from charger. Xperia was rated worst among top smartphones according to reviewers.
  6. kendelrk

    kendelrk Member

    Have you tried using stamina mode? I switched it on as soon as i got the phone and it works flawlessly, it allows background data to be shut off when not in use, which helps when you're in a place without the great signal. Just today i managed about 1 day, 13 hours and 30 minutes with 15% left.
  7. ios2droid

    ios2droid New Member

    Stamina Mode sounds great, right? However, you stated it yourself that apps are off while in this mode. Why would I not want notifications while in standby? That makes no sense whatsoever. I might as well shut it off. Oh? You can add apps in Stamina Mode so that they won't be disabled? Yeah well Xperia itself states that apps may malfunction if added to Stamina. It says it when you click Stamina. Also, according to many Xperia users, Stamina is very glitchy. All that =no thanks. These will be things I have to get used to in comparison to iPhone. No notifications while in standby mode? Check. Only a blinking light. Crappy battery? Check. Numerous review websites rate the battery at the bottom or near it. Which is not saying much considering iPhone battery is complained about also. I am on my phone a lot. I don't work. I'm addicted I admit it. I've kept track of this battery life and it's about 30% lower than iPhone. Really my complaint is with android and not the battery. I've read that android does a lot of syncing and a lot of apps run because of the inability to receive push notifications. Android does a lot more than iPhone but is more glitchy. I'm hoping android isn't headed towards Microsoft Windows destiny....*crash* *reboot* *not responding*
  8. LuvMusic

    LuvMusic VIP Member VIP Member

    Have you tried Stamina Mode or are you basing your perceptions on the comments of others?

    I've been using Stamina Mode since I got my Z1s and as stated above, it works great. Don't know what notifications you are concerned about not receiving, however, even with Stamina Mode enabled I receive all my e-mail, text and missed call notifications. Heck, I even get severe weather alerts.

    BTW, I have to charge my phone about every other day.........just saying.........
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  9. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    You can't judge battery life after a few days of having the handset, it takes a while for the battery to settle. Give it a couple of weeks and I bet your battery life improves.

    Where have you read that Android doesn't handle push notifications?

    Dittio to what LuvMusic said, adding apps as an exception to stamina mode doesn't cause any problems either. You have to remember that when reading opinions of others online, folk are more likely to post about bad experiences so that's why stuff seems largely negative.

    I only really need to charge my battery every 1.5 days, fwiw.
  10. kendelrk

    kendelrk Member

    About the same as stated above, unless im really pushing my phone all day. and Stamina mode still allows me to get all my notifications, my text messages come through and everything else. I also keep low battery mode on all the time because it helps to disable things like wifi and such when they're not around. For the greatest battery life just make sure the GPS and location services are off unless you're using the GPS and make sure auto sync is off. Sure. you have to reload your email and such yourself, but it helps battery and keep things lasting a long time.
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