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  1. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    And when you tap on the cell Stand by , what's it showing for time without signal?
    My wife's will show 98, 99 or 100% w/o signal , meanwhile the battery is lasting forever, apps I put on it don't show any drops
    I did that *#*#4636#*#* to load that testing screen , to see if gsm was turned off ( like the opt v fix) but the volt won't let you make any changes and it blocks half the info, I did see it said gsm for emergency calls only so it's probably set correctly (cmda auto prl) the old opt v would sometimes have gsm/cmda auto checked by accident
    oh well if I find anything I be sure to post it for you, seems were the only 2 with this problem on this phone
    let me know if you come across anything
    Thanks again

  2. TNSmokey98

    TNSmokey98 Well-Known Member

    Not the only one. It's rather annoying.[​IMG]
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  3. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    Sorry to hear that Smokey, all similiar symptoms?
    I actually just took a look at my wife's volt and todays
    cell standby was 30 and time without signal was 32 these were by far the lowest readings since she got the phone, around June 3rd or so, I'm hoping it's a trend.

    Still find it weird that open signals shows no voice signal at all, but jumps the second a call comes in

    Good Luck Smokey , I'll keep you guys posted if anything pops
  4. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    Here's why your triband LTE Sprint phone won't connect to LTE - Pocketables


    so I guess while we can receive calls, the data lte shuts down,
    so when the phones sitting on desk the LTE running , basically the voice connection is off in effect and the cell standby climbs as time w/o signal thats why opensignals shows no voice data bars while LTE reads excellent, but call the phone and it switches over to voice.

    I put the volt into 3g cdma only, and both show excellent voice bars and data 3g , and both cell stand by and time w/o signal numbers fall
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  5. sp33chy

    sp33chy Active Member

    I'm getting the same issue with my cell standby, even when my WiFi is on the cell coverage complains about being at 100% without a signal. To the people who don't have this issue, do you have Connections Optimizer turned on or off? Reading the description of it, sounds like that may be the fix here.
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  6. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    The cell radio will still be on unless you put airplane mode on and then use wifi, but then you won't receive calls/texts, unless your on wifi calling like t mobile has.

    It's the technology that's the problem, once sprint has completed all the switching capabilities needed for Tri band spark thing the problem should be fixed.

    But typical sprint is always moving on and pushing tech they don't have yet, so it's wait wait wait until etc
    but buy this Tri band phone now so your ready for the future, by then the phone will be a relic

    If the cell standby and time without signal are ticking you off and I don't blame you, but use your 4g when you need it, and when the phone gonna be idle put it into CDMA only mode, and those numbers (stand by, time w/o) will fall normal readings, unless your in a poor coverage area of course
  7. sp33chy

    sp33chy Active Member

    Right, I got that much, I was just hoping Connections Optimizer would magically switch me to CDMA when the phone screen is off, but no such luck. By the way, I am in Chicago (Evanston) for anyone in that area considering this phone (or any Spark phone).
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  8. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

    Just bought the phone and I'm having the same problem. Battery life is still great but shows that I don't have signal a lot when I know I'm in a good area. But text and calls come in no problem
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  9. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

  10. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Well-Known Member

    Just a thought, is it possible that this is a power saving feature? The radio goes into a standby mode until a call comes in or something to that effect??
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  11. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    Hey bud, ya your in same boat I'm in, I know I'm in a great covered area is almost like a ghost stat , because if you had no signal for 99% of the time your battery would be smoking and draining in a couple hours if the phone was constantly searching for the signal.
    It's basically dormant as the LTE data is on, the phone just can't do both at the same time. And when a call or text comes in or out the phone switches radios, at least we know that works right
    Peace bro, I know it sux but don't let it get to ya its not really as it appears, and just throw it in cdma only if it does tick ya off
  12. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    hey bud thanks for helping, and made me think on my htc there's a power setting that shuts the LTE off after a period of inactivity. I have to look if the volt has a similiar setting, cause that "should" help in theory because it would allow the phone to switch to voice data
    now if I can get the phone out of my wife's hands for 2 minutes
    thanks man
  13. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    If I remember correctly, this was a problem with the evo as well, which was eventually fixed by the awesome community of developers there, we flashed different radios and I think that even made the towers think we were Sprint phones... that required the highest level of being unlocked I remember having to use a piece of I speaker wire lol to unlock the bootloader felt like I was disarming a bomb. Unfortunately I don't see our phones reaching that level anytime soon. Tho when it does, best believe the devs will come
  14. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    I was in Vegas( live in los Angeles) this weekend and percentage dropped a bit, time w/o signal was high tho, battery did well tho[​IMG][​IMG]
  15. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    Shoulda stopped by I live in Vegas, coulda bought ya a beer
    And yea I had a evo and did the wire trick too, (you had me laughing with the disarming a bomb remark) that was for that radio interference or something like that
    If you go back to the optimus v , it had a bug that would show time w/o signal over 50% all the time, and if you rebooted the phone and toggled airplane mode on for 10 seconds and off it would go back down to normal. Finally someone made an app that would do that automatically when you booted the phone
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  16. sp33chy

    sp33chy Active Member

    I figured out a solution (well, workaround) to the battery drain under 4G issue. You need to be root and have Tasker, XposedFramework, Intelli3g module. If there is interest, I may write up a guide for it, but all I did was write a series of tasks that switched you from CDMA to CDMA/LTE mode with the end result being that 4G is turned on only if your screen is on and you are not connected to WiFi.
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  17. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

    Putting phone in CDMA only mode result in no drop signal and way better battery life for me. So it looks like lg needs to make a fix.
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  18. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    Its not a LG problem, Its a Sprint problem, the article explains things well, it's a little lengthy, it explains the problem, the fix, and who has it etc

    Verizon had similar issues Ive read

    QUOTE=903Tex;6625509]Putting phone in CDMA only mode result in no drop signal and way better battery life for me. So it looks like lg needs to make a fix.[/QUOTE]


  19. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Well-Known Member Contributor

    that is like putting our gsm phones on 2g or h+ only they are far less energy intensive and tends to cover more areas with ease causing your phone to not search for the strongest signal...

    back the battery discussion, it seems to me the s400 is a great a battery life my moto g used to pull similar number from time to on KitKat android, OEM, and SOC have come a huge way from....2010...
  20. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

    And that's what I don't like. I mean it got this phone cause its has lte spark capable and I have lte in my area. But if I put it in lte my signal goes to **** thinking about taking this phone back

    I've had virgin In the past and never had this problem. My wife got the vibe and she has no problems of that whatsoever
  21. RG570

    RG570 Active Member

    You can grab one of their LTE phones and be fine, it's the tri band that's the issue in a area not Spark ready
    Not sure where your located, but you could search out when your area will be spark completed. In meantime still get 4g speeds.
  22. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    Wow this had made a world of difference [​IMG]
  23. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

    This is my heavy use day with CDMA only and having the day off. Lots of YouTube and Netflix texting and calls

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  24. deathcab

    deathcab New Member

    I'm having the same issue here, 6 bars full signal and LTE but reading 100% time without a signal making this the top use of my battery.

    Would you mind posting that quick tutorial if you do get a chance? I remember having similar problems on the lg optimus v years back that was fixable with a simple airplane mode toggle (doesn't work on the volt) WHICH ultimately led me to give up on android all together and Dutch to iPhones for the past few years. Certainly didn't expect to see the same issue on my first venture back to android this many years later..
  25. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    So after switching to cdma only, I got around 33 hours off of a full charge, wasn't heavy use but I did use it normally I didn't hold back from anything, tune in radio streaming in the morning, some texting and browsing, rarely make voice calls now adays, this was an easy choice to try as I've been watching the world cup on my phone and used up my 2.5 gigs rather quickly this cycle, was less concerned with 4g speeds altogether, I imagine next cycle I'll only turn lte on when I need it, anybody know of a good toggle app/ widget for doing this (switching between the two modes)??

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