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  1. So, today, I had to remove my sim card, which means that I had to remove my battery. After doing so, I put my sim card back in, followed by the battery, and after pushing the power button, the battery indicator started flashing green and orange.

    The screen isn't turning on, and absolutely nothing is happening.

    I've been pouring over google trying to find a solution, but haven't found any that worked.

    One suggestion suggested that I hold the power button for 10-15 seconds, then plug it into power, then add battery. This did not work.

    Another suggested the opposite- hold power for 10-15 seconds, add battery, then add power cord, still no luck.

    I freaking love this phone. I really, really, really want to fix it. If there are any, ANY suggestions as to what I could do to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. I tried to call HTC for support, but, wouldn't you know it, couldn't get to a phone before EXACTLY one minute before they closed.

    Anyway, like I said, any help would be amazing.

    Thank you.

  2. I feel I should point out that I've never rooted. I'm running stock 2.2 FR91(whatever), and upon further research, someone said to leave the battery out overnight, try it in the morning with a trackball+power on restore. I'm going to try this, but even at this point, I can't get to a system restore screen.

    Maybe this is useful, maybe it isn't. Either way, I want my phone back. GAHHH
  3. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

    How about calling your local HTC Service Centre?
  4. Maris

    Maris Well-Known Member

    Are you sure the battery is inserted correctly?
  5. 1. I'm going to be calling HTC when I get home from work today- my girlfriend didn't come home until after the help lines shut down, and she had the only working phone. (Actually, she got home about five minutes before, and she has a droid eris, and as soon as I made the phone call, the "no sound glitch" happened, so I had to restart the phone, and by the time it was done with that, they were close. Awesome, huh?)

    2. I am very sure the battery is in the correct way.
  6. Maris

    Maris Well-Known Member

    Doing a Google search for your blinking amber/green issue shows a few people have this problem, but not too many consistent results for fixing. Most agree it's due to one of 3 issues: overheating of the phone, after-market battery, or after-market charger. If none of these caused your problem, I guess you will have to rely on HTC.
  7. Yep, that's exactly what I found too, but I'm using the battery the phone came with, the charger that came in the box, and the phone never heated up any more than should be expected when charging the phone. Man, I realllly hope they're going to have a way to fix it... I'm using a 3Gs I unlocked for a friend at the moment, but I'm already missing my listen app!
  8. Just an update-

    Called HTC tech support, had no idea what was going on with it. So I have to ship it away for repairs, they say it'll take 4-5 business days for the turnaround time.

    So, I guess if you've got this problem and can't get any of the solutions you've found to work... this is what you're looking at. Weak.

    Either way, they were very friendly on the phone, and while I'll miss it while it's gone, I'm gonna be happy when it gets back!
  9. Zmydust

    Zmydust Active Member

    Mine did that with a faulty battery
  10. LostProphyt

    LostProphyt New Member

    I'm having this issue, too, but only since it started getting really hot outside (late June in Central PA). Only way my phone will charge properly in the northeastern heatwave going on is to set it up next to a fan to draw the heat away faster. Any other surface in my house gets the blinking going within 15-20 minutes of plugging in the charger. Up against the fan, it's been charging fine for an hour.

    I'm pretty sure it's heat-related, but I'm only guessing that environmental factors are making it worse, so don't take it as gospel. Has anyone else noticed a correlation?

    -- Just thought to mention that I have removed the back cover of the Eris while it's up against the fan, haven't tried it with the cover replaced as of yet, and don't plan on it. I'm hitting the bar, and I need this baby to charge ASAP...
  11. marsh111111111

    marsh111111111 New Member

    don't bother calling your local HTC Service Centre.

    don't fiddle about with your battery either.

    to whoever suggested fiddling about with the battery - shut your face. how do you think the light is flashing on and off? magic? pixies? fairies? you idiot.

    it's probably not too hot either. mine isn't. put it next to a fan? are you mad? even if that made it work, who wants to have a phone that only works if you're sat next to a freakin fan? you nonce.

    your phone is just plain boogered, just like mine.

    throw it in the bin and get something else.
  12. webmayo

    webmayo New Member

    Anyone reading the post here by marsh1111> should ignore it.

    The most common cause of rapid flashing green/amber is simply the battery has dropped to low on charge, or is faulty.

    The way I cure it is to take the battery out and charge it with an external charger. After that I can put the battery back in the phone, and it will charge as normal.
    If it happens often, I would suggest a new battery.
    The heat problem is also probably just a faulty battery.
  13. bubetoob

    bubetoob New Member

    I had the same issue and fixed it by correcting a faulty battery terminal connection. One day I was swapping out the battery to turn in on (my power button is broken and I'm too lazy to root it) but instead of powering on it went into the blinking orange/green cycle. WTF! After some googling I concluded that it might be a faulty battery and ordered a new one on amazon. However, the new battery didn't help, I swapped 'em around a couple times but to no avail. Luckily, while doing this, I happened to notice that one of the two inner prongs of the battery terminal wasn't seating correctly, I finagled it a bit with a finger and got it seated correctly. Low and behold, the indicator switched to a solid orange! With the charger plugged in I popped the battery out, carefully seated it again correctly and walla, the phone rebooted!
  14. AndroidUser

    AndroidUser New Member

    Yea I sent mine through the wash (and dryer) and I had recently bought a new battery and I read yours and tried the old battery and it started up perfectly. No LED problems or Screen problem (surprisingly because I had just replaced my screen) Thank you so much sir!

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